EMANUELE MURA – The Best Wedding Videographer in Italy 2018

Award Winning Videographer Emanuele Mura

Weddings are the most scenic and plan-oriented occasions which require a proper mindset and explicit detailing. This is your big day for which you have waited a long time, and it is finally happening, everything has to be perfect and stylish and up to the mark whether it is catering, music or simple act of saving the delightful memories.

Photography and Videography go hand in hand one call for saving the memories of your most amazing day inside a frame while the other is more direct and takes your memory ride to a whole new level. You are no longer saving memories inside a duplicate frame, but you are actually living them that is the basic difference between photography and Videography. One should be very careful with the choice of venue for their wedding, but if you are willing to celebrate your most important day in Italy or planning a destination wedding in Italy, then Emanuele Mura can provide you with the most amazing Videography service in whole Tuscany.

Choosing Italy as a Wedding Destination

Getting married Italy might be the most sensible choice of your lives because of all the beauty and sophistication based on which a wedding is celebrated over there. Rich culture, Italian Food, and moreover the most religious wedding destination can turn your wedding day into complete perfection.

Rest assured Emanuele Mura is the best videographer Italy which can take the simple notion of filming to a whole other level. The WEVA ItAward winner Wedding videographer Tuscany uses a special approach to give you the best quality work, and when you are in Italy especially getting married Tuscany great wonders can accompany your Wedding.

Why you need a Videographer?

Some of you might be thinking that a photographer is just enough to cover a wedding and there is no need for a videographer, but others may beg to differ. The Videographer is an artist which brings continuity and ingenuity in your precious memories, nothing is more genuine and eccentric other than watching yourself in your wedding as if relishing every detail and living in the moment. The Wedding Video Tuscany will truly be a splendid occasion for you that is why capturing each and everything every detail is crucial to the perfection and beauty of overall Video.

Wedding Photographer Tuscany realizes how special your wedding day is for you and everything needs to be perfect, that is why Emanuele Mura will do everything in his power to catch every detail to make your wedding video more pleasing and alluring.

Services Offered

Emanuele Mura offers a diversity of services to the potential customers and is currently stationed in Tuscany, Italy, but you can hire him to shoot any special occasion to capture all the beautiful details and dramatic effects also accompany. Here are various services offered by him to the diligent customers;

  1. Wedding Videography

Right from the beginning and till the very end, hire the Best Videographer Italy to make your destination wedding a complete success. People often wonder after the wedding is over that maybe they should have used a more direct approach to capture the precious moments of their lives. That is why if you are getting married Italy then your wedding should be phenomenal and hiring the best Wedding Videographer Italy can make your dream come true. Whether it is your bachelor party or the wedding day every occasion and classic detail will be captured, reviewed, processed and edited in a professional manner to give you fine quality work. Capture moments with the bride, a close-up of bride and groom and all the bridesmaids so you can access these events later in your life and cherish your wedding day once again. It is not going to be like any ordinary Wedding Video Italy with alluring landscapes and perfect scenes to compliment your wedding.

Moreover, if you want any additional requirements to be fulfilled like having perfect shots or short video clips in between the videography that can also be arranged. Rest assured, you won’t have to suffer from anything at all and without providing any directions the whole task will be done in an effective way.

  1. Party Videography

Now, many people have great parties over their places and some are hosted at the most expensive and phenomenal places around the country. Whatever, it is a good video to cherish the moments afterward is a great way to show your concern for saving your past for the future. All parties whether they are Prom, occasional or any else would be filmed in an effective way using the most amazing tools and software to make it up to you regarding the videography of your party.

  1. Bachelor Party

Whether it is the bride or the groom, both need to have a night off before their actual wedding day, that is why Bachelor party is hosted for this particular purpose. If you are getting married Tuscany then you can probably hire the best Wedding Videographer Tuscany Emanuele Mura to provide unbeatable and perfect video of your bachelor party. It doesn’t matter whether it is the bride or groom side a bachelor party should be celebrated to keep the fun alive and to capture each and every detail what could be a more prominent way other than filming the moments of utter fun and celebration, little pranks and challenges, truths and dares and all the alcohol streaming down the participants. It would be the little amazing moments which can be captured best in Wedding Video Tuscany.

  1. Birthdays

Birthdays are also very special moments in the life of a family, their children or grandchildren celebrating their birthday with the whole family members and friends. These are actually the moments which are worth capturing and saving for future viewing. Therefore, the best Videographer Tuscany Emanuele Mura can make a perfect video for such occasions with all the necessary editing and use of filters as directed by you to give you a personalized and theme-based feel for your special occasions.

What’s the catch?

After scouring through this whole article, you might be convinced enough to try the Videography for your wedding or any other occasion to make it memorable and long-lasting. When you have decided to hire someone to do it for you, rather than searching the internet and various agencies try the best Wedding Videographer Tuscany Emanuele Mura he has also won WEVA itAwards for the best videographer in Tuscany. If this wasn’t convincing enough for you to try this service, please read below various benefits as to why you should;

  1. Weddings only come once

The most promising and convincing factor for you would be the fact that it is your Wedding day and they don’t come more often, for all you know it is going to be your first and last wedding, therefore, why not make it count? Getting married Tuscany Emanuele Mura will provide the best of the videography for your wedding, and you don’t want to miss out the chance that you could have an awesome Wedding Video Tuscany but you didn’t. Therefore, consider this opportunity and rest assured your special partner would also be fine with your choice.

  1. Cost Effective & Flexible

Unlike many other Videographers, Emanuele Mura offers extremely cost-effective and flexible videography services. You won’t have to worry about the overall cost, once the budget is finalized and you have agreed on specific terms there is no up and down in the overall expense and you won’t have to worry about it constantly. Wedding Videographer Italy is also extremely flexible you won’t have to offer him directions or afraid of the team on-board, Emanuele Mura has tons of experience on the field and been working for many years. Emanuele Mura will control his team more effectively and if you want to add in any extra feature or requirement that would also be taken care of.

  1. High Tech Software

For the editing and mixing part, all the editing and mixing is done using the high technology software and sophisticated tools to make sure that you don’t get any blurry or bad quality videos and the refresh rate along with various other things is fine and consistent. Your Wedding Video Italy would be error-free and to make sure of it, it is tested and run frame to frame to make sure that even smallest of an anomaly is taken care of and excluded from the master video.

Special effects in your Wedding Video Tuscany can also be added along with credits or other things if you want to include them.

If you are off to designing a themed wedding in Italy or in the very town of Tuscany, then you are not going to find any better alternative rather than Emanuele Mura. To place an order, you can reach out to his website and contact the team right there. Having these wedding videos will help you to rejoice the amazing moments and live in the memories of your wedding day. These videos will also help you to rejoice the moments of fun with your family and friends.


A wedding day is one of the most important day in a couple’s life and Emanule Mura is here to produce an emotional and entertaining film that the couple can enjoy for years to come. He is very much interested in capturing the small details of your day, the story that shows your love and a great bond. Weddings are one those events that should be immortalized in the most clear and vivid way possible. And especially if the wedding is taking place between the picturesque landscapes of Italy. Talking about Italian wedding, the first thing which comes to every couples mind is a wedding in Tuscany. Away from the cities and towns, Tuscany’s farmhouses are equally enticing with their olive groves and endless rows of vines, growing the sangiovese grapes used in the area’s unmatchable wines. With outdoor venues, you can say ‘I do’ while gazing out on to the hills, along with the castles you’ll find nestled in the Chianti hills. Unobtrusively capturing all the details that make you wedding unique, Emanuele Mura videography creates a compelling visual story of the moments that matter most to you. Artistically, composing the movie, he connects with the personalities of the couples to fill their films with emotion, meaning and atmosphere. If you want your film to be full of creativity, fun and emotion, contact Emanuele Mura for your wedding anywhere in Italy.

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