Maria Carolina  / Rodrigo

There are moments in life when you find yourself so overwhelmed with emotions that you release tears of joy. There is something special about an event where strong emotions are involved. For our Brazilian destination wedding in Tuscany, I found myself face to face with one of the most emotional weddings I have attended as a wedding videographer in Tuscany. Maria Carolina and Rodrigo carry a pure and true love for one another. A love that is so strong that it resonated throughout the whole destination wedding in Tuscany.

They say that the soul can feel such strong emotions of joy that it goes beyond a smile and it leaves you in tears. For today’s Brazilian wedding video in Tuscany, there was a pure energy that the couple carried with them that made everyone feel their emotions. This was not only a  Brazilian Destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy where one attended, it was a wedding that made you feel and live the moments alongside the bride and groom.

The day began with the sun slowly awakening and creeping in through the windows of the beautiful location where our Brazilian wedding in Tuscany took place, Villa Cini. A like a gentle caress the day began beautifully. If the emotions were not enough to make one catch his breath, then the display of photos of lives well lives that hung on strings certainly would have done the job. Pictures from moments that defined the lives of those before Maria Carolina and Rodrigo. Pictures that showed the way their loved one’s lives had guided them to make sure these two would one day find each other and have a beautiful Brazilian wedding in Tuscany.

The bride wore a beautiful pure white gown that was defined by her uplifting spirit making her a superb splendid bride. The bridal gowns’ bust was crafted out of lace in a sophisticated design. The neckline was a classic A-line and the sleeves were long. The back of the dress was A-line as well, a perfect balance. As you looked down the bottom part of the dress it simplified with such discrete ease that you might have not even realized the simplicity the lower gown held. Her heels were discrete strappy sandals with pearls on them.

Her hair was all natural and this gave her a distinct feel of being at ease. Her dark hair had a beautiful statement floral hairpiece that was white and in perfect contrast with her natural flowing curls. The bouquet that she carried was a marble of white colored with red flowers in the middle surrounded by the green leaves that seemed to perfectly hug the floral décor. The bride’s makeup was simple and as natural as possible. Her lipstick was a red burgundy that offered her facial canvas the spot of color that made her lips stand out. The best thing our beautiful Brazilian bride wore was her stunning smile.

The handsome groom wore a simple summer suit that emanated with elegance. The suit was of gray-blue color and the lines were classic and timeless. His trendy beard gave him a distinct gentleman look in a modern world. Rodrigo choose a white shirt that in all honesty brought the whole look together in perfect harmony. This statement piece was his footwear. He wore black shoes that had pale colored flowers all over, giving him a unique air.

The ceremony began with strong anticipation of the arrival of the bride. The groom patiently awaited his future wife. The guest were all smiling with joy and enjoying the beautiful Brazilian wedding in Italy. As the bride began her descend down the aisle she was escorted by her parents, one on each side. With emotions in their eyes, they walked their baby girl, one last time before she would be wed.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were filled with emotions as the bride slowly approach the altar. The father of the bride, with tears of joy in his eye, slowly hugged his soon to be son in law in one of the most emotional moments of most weddings. Intrusting him with their most prized gift, their daughter. The ceremony was perfectly tied together by the vows the two shared in front of all their loved ones at their beautiful Brazilian wedding in Italy. Following their heartwarming words that left all in tears, the ceremony ended in a loving note. All the guests, all the family members, and the parents shared moments of kisses and hugs with Maria Carolina and Rodrigo.

As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, I have been a part of many beautiful weddings and unions of love and lives, but there was something distinct and different about this Brazilian wedding in Italy. There is nothing more beautiful being in the presence of true love and I had the pleasure and honor of being the one that was able to capture this Brazilian wedding video in Tuscany. Where there is love, all is right.

Planning: Claudia Funghini

Location: Villa Cini

Photography: Riccardo Pieri

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