Getting married requires a lot of preparation for uncountable things. The wedding day may arrive, but for sure the tasks does not end until the last moment. When you are getting married in Tuscany, then you have to find the best videographer in the world.

It is a perfect place to get the videography for your wedding with mesmerizing backgrounds. The best videography in Tuscany will be hard for you to have if you do not have some of the tips in your mind while choosing the best videographer in Tuscany.

When you are picking the videographer for best wedding video in Italy, then there are many things to consider. Wedding is the most important event of life, and you surely want to have the best videographer in the world with you to capture all the moments.

When you look at the video sometime later in life, you realize that getting married in Italy was the best decision you made because of the natural scenes and amazing views in the background with your soul mate.

Picking the destination wedding videographer can be challenging so here are some of the top tips for you to make the decision easier.

Top 13 Tips to Choose Best Videographer

1.Watching Other Wedding Films

The first thing which you have to get started with is to watch the other wedding films which the videographer made for couples. It will help you analyze whether the videographer is capable of handling the wedding video in Tuscany or not.

It is a part of your search to list out the best videographer in the world for your wedding. You can check it out on YouTube or the Facebook pages before getting in contact with the videographer.

It is an initial step which you take when you are getting married in Italy. It helps you in understanding how your videos are going to look like and it is something which you are expecting out of the videographer to cover the fairytale wedding video which you want.

You will be able to decide and then pick the wedding videographer if you find it according to the style you want on your wedding. Searching is the key to find the best videographer for your wedding video so once you do that, move to the next tip.

2. Meeting the Videographer in person

For the best videographer in Tuscany, you have to meet the videographer you picked in person. Do not make the mistake of sending the message and getting the deal done.

You have to arrange a meeting to discuss the packages and see if the videographer is getting along with you or not. It helps you in checking whether the style of the videographer matches your style or not.

You will get to know what their views are and will be able to share yours as well. If you like them, then you can hire them and talk about what you expect out of that best videographer in Italy on your wedding day.

3.Understand the Results

You will have to meet the videographer a few times before your wedding to discuss what you will be getting at the end. If you have any questions or concerns, you can share those with him or her.

Know all the details of the package which will be given to you by the end of the contract. Know the features of the package which you will get such as cinematic videos, HD videos, Drone or many others.

Also, talk about the samples of the video such as the highlights whether you are going to get those or not. Always know what you will get at the end so that there is no issue or misunderstanding when the contract ends.


When you are picking the wedding videography in Tuscany then always consider the kindness of the videographer. You have to choose the videographer who is caring and knows how important the wedding day is for you.

When the videographer is caring, he/she captures all the little moments which you can cherish all your life. It has a direct impact on the video which you get at the end.

Along with that, it makes your day less stressful when you know that you do not have to be conscious when the video is being made. You can spend time naturally with your spouse with getting the video made without even noticing that someone is around or not.

If the videographer is not friendly, then you would have a hard time to make poses, and it may also reflect in the video later that you were not comfortable which ruins the entire wedding video.

5.Being Critical

You have to be critical to get out the best from the best videographer. Think of the videos you watched that were they worth spending the money or not.

You would surely want to spend money on something which comes out extraordinary because you are having a destination wedding in Italy. By checking the other videos on the page, think critically and then decide whether it is best for you or not.


Price is one of the most significant factors when it comes to wedding video in Italy. As you want to have the best videographer in the world, you would opt out for someone expensive.

The reason is that the ones who are experienced and work professionally; they do charge you a little more than usual. However, if you go for the wedding videography in Italy which is low in prices then expect bad results.

Anyone can get a professional camera and consider themselves to be a videographer, but that does not necessarily mean that they will be capturing the moments as you expect it to be. So while you are getting married in Tuscany, make the wise decision and keep the budget flexible.

7.Relationship building

Always look for the videographer who wants to build a good relationship with you. It helps you in speaking to the videographer openly, and you will have fun on the day of the wedding while you are getting their services.

You will feel easy with your partner and be open which can be up to your expectations on your special day. For your fairytale wedding video, it is crucial that you have a good relationship with the videographer.

8. List of Goals

To be clear to the videographer, provide him/her with the list of goals which you want to accomplish when the video is being made. You have to keep open communication by letting them know what you want.

If you have some ideas, then talk about it so that you can come up with more innovative ideas together. The best videography in Tuscany will come out when you work together as a team with the videographer.

9. Microphones

The more you are concerned with the video, know that audio is equally important. Ask for the microphone ahead of time so that the videographer can provide that during your wedding day.

If you want someone to say something in the video, speeches or vow video then microphone is necessary.

10. Music in the Video

Some people like to have specific music in their videos whereas if you want you can leave this part of the videographer. As they are trained and professional, they know which music will fit the scene best while they are editing the video.

Your Wedding videographer should bring an awesome background along with the matching music which brings out the perfect result for the clients. If you have a list of music in your mind, then make sure to discuss with the videographer before the event day.

11. Drone Option

If you want to get the coverage of different angles, then consider booking the videographer who uses the high technology of drones. It helps in perfect capturing of the video while you are spending time with your spouse to get the video made.

It may be noisy at first but it can capture the entire event with amazing angles you can’t even imagine.

12. Contract

As you choose the destination wedding videographer, you get to sign the contract with them. Always read through it before you sign it. It helps you know the services which you will receive along with agreeing to the terms.

If something is missing which you were expecting, then you can talk about it and get it added too. Otherwise, pick someone who offers the services which you want on your big day.

13. Talk about Edits

The best videography in Italy requires potential edits and is a complicated process. Talk about the editing of the video from music to effects and make sure that you receive perfect results.

If you remember any of the samples which you liked, you can refer to it and ask the videographer to do a similar job on your wedding video too. It is necessary to talk about it before time so that everything is clear to you and the videographer for the best outcome.