Professional wedding videographers use professional grade equipment for shooting wedding videos and editing the same. They can produce videos of superior quality for couples, along with crisp pictures of the wedding, suitable background music and various scenes woven properly into the videos. They are able to record clean and sharp videos with sound with digital recorders, and integrate them into videos later while editing. At the end of the day, they can provide you with a professionally packaged product to savor for a lifetime. These are 5 things that the wedding videographer Italy that you plan to hire should tell you.


They will tell you who would be in charge of editing the film, and whether you can be there at the editing table. Where videography services are concerned, what you get is what you pay for. Some videographers are concerned only with capturing videos, and send recorded footages to a video editor who makes your wedding film according to a template. Others are as skilled with editing as shooting videos.

Your involvement

The destination wedding videographer will also inform how much involved you are supposed to be in the entire process of video making. You have to ask how much control you can have over the filmed footages. Good videographers want to have a proper itinerary of the day. If you need time to get ready for a proper shot, give him the notice.


He should also tell you whether you can choose the music to go with your videos. He would hear your suggestions and tell you whether the music you choose would go with the feel and pace of your film. If you are unsure, get suggestions and look at the music being used by the videographer on his DVD’s. While some are not so flexible, others really are.

Photo stills

Some of the best wedding videographer Italy professionals are ready to offer HD photo stills from the videos that they shoot, styled in a hard copy album. It comes as part of the package, and at no extra cost. You have to ask whether the wedding videographer of your choice offers such services.

Delivery time

It is his job to inform you how quickly you would get your wedding video after the event comes to an end. Generally, they take anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks for the delivery. During this period, he will pay a lot of attention to all the details – such as sound mixing, color corrections and picking the best shots out.