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I’m a Wedding Videographer in Tuscany, Italy and my great aim is to capture spontaneous, beautiful, and special moments. I’m based in Arezzo, Tuscany, where my art as Wedding Videographer in Italy starts. I can be wherever you want me to be on your special day since I love to travel and, as a destination wedding videographer in Tuscany, it would be a pleasure to join you in a new place for me. My journey as a Wedding Videographer in Italy started many years ago, with a lot of studies, works, and workshops. I’m proud and honored to share with you my Tuscany Wedding Videographer portfolio of wedding films.

My videos show how I see the world and everything surrounding me. I have always dreamed of capturing videos that had personality, style, that reflected energy, temperament, character, and originality. I have worked so many years to realize my dreams and I continue to do so because I love making other people’s dreams come true as well. As a Wedding Videographer in Italy, I do my best to reach all the couples who want me to.

The art of a Wedding Videographer in Tuscany is to create precious videos and being able to capture the soul of persons: each video reflects your own personality and your emotions. My Wedding Videos style is considered deep and cinematic.

As a Wedding Videographer in Italy, I’m truly connected with my country and all the places I love. Everything you choose for your wedding will inspire me: the location, accessories, flowers, the dress, the cake, the ceremony, etc. My goal is to capture all of the great or small moments, all the emotions and feelings that you will experience during your wedding in Italy. As a Wedding Videographer in Tuscany, I love the places where I live and Tuscany is for me a source of inspiration.

I’m a very emphatic person. I try to find a connection with every couple that wants me as their Videographer. I want to be your friend during your special day since it will help me a lot to create something really personal for you.

Don’t lose the opportunity to take care of your memories!

Selected Works

Jessica / Crixly

– Intimate Wedding In Tuscany
same sex wedding tuscany
Wedding Video in Tuscany

Maria Carolina / Rodrigo

– Wedding Video in Tuscany

Maria Carolina / Rodrigo

– Wedding Video in Tuscany
Wedding Video in Tuscany

Karylle / Chun Man

– Emotional Video in Tuscany
Emotional Video in Tuscany

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