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Wedding- Time To Celebrate!

Wedding is indeed a time for celebration. It is your big day and you will have all your near and dear ones to share the joy with you. It is thus of great importance that you do not miss out on capturing all the emotions, happy moments and the joyous celebrations of you and your guests. Wedding videos are an asset that can be cherished for life. So it is highly recommended you look for the best videographer Italy for the purpose. You are starting a new journey in life, make no compromises!

Hire A Destination Wedding Videographer

Your destination wedding videographer will be by your side throughout the ceremony, capturing all special moments in style. Be it cliffs of Moher in Ireland or Iceland or any other place for that matter, a destination wedding videographer can truly do wonders with your wedding video.

I, Emanuele Mura, can capture your true feelings that can portray your originality to the core. I am passionate about filming destination weddings. Capturing couples’ emotions on the cliffs of Moher is my dream. I know you need your space on your wedding day, so please be assured that I would be there at the ceremony like any other guest of yours, while still filming you and your guests in the most natural manner. Get in touch with me for any destination wedding Italy!


Tuscany -The dream wedding destination for couples across the world!

Tuscany is a place full of cottages, villas, castles and luxury hotels. If you are planning your wedding at Tuscany, you have a wide range of locations to choose from. It is indeed a paradise. Choosing Tuscany as your wedding destination will allow you to have a unique and lovely wedding and your guests will have a great time too, however make sure you hire a good wedding videographer Tuscany. Your destination wedding Tuscany is no ordinary event, it is the day you will remember all your life, and the best way to relive those moments is to see your wedding videos over and over.

Hire the best wedding videographer Tuscany

Look for the best wedding videographer Tuscany and get your destination wedding Tuscany filmed in the most natural and sensitive way. Hiring a wedding videographer is as important as hiring the chef, decorator and beautician for your wedding. He is the one who gets all sensations on record. So take some time out to choose the right one.

I, Emanuele Mura, love Tuscany as much as you do and shooting wedding videos in Tuscany is what I am always passionate about. I can shoot your wedding videos in the beautiful scenic locations of Tuscany and make it memorable forever. I promise, you will be glad for having chosen me.

I can shoot both destination wedding Tuscany and elopement Tuscany using all my shooting skills and techniques to give you a perfect piece. Your satisfaction is my concern!