Italy is simply “Beauty”! Italy is undoubtedly known as the land of love, and it offers so many amazingly beautiful landscapes with an adorable backdrop for your wedding day. From the enchanting beauty of the lake region to the north of Italy that is embroidered by the snowy Alps, this place is everyone’s dream for an outclass wedding.

Being famous for fantastic traditional weddings, venues, food, florists, caterers, and wedding planners, Italy is the perfect destination for a dream wedding. Italy depicts the true essence of marriage with its breathtaking architecture, ancient passageways, beautiful locations and much more that you’ll literally find everywhere around. Wedding videographers in Italy love to shoot in the perfect Italian locations as there’s so much beauty all around creating perfect picture for the couple.

If you are planning for a dream wedding in Italy, you must not forget to hire the best wedding planner Italy as they will keep the wedding things stress-free, keep everything on track in addition to finding the perfect wedding venues Italy. When all such things are done, don’t forget to hire the best wedding videographer in Italy that will capture the soul of your event as photos, videos and amazing memories are the only ones that you are going to take away from your big day in the end. Couples enjoy the amazing shoot with mesmerizing backgrounds captured phenomenally by the best wedding videographers in Italy.

Let’s explore some of the amazingly exquisite wedding venues in Italy that will leave you spellbound with its beauty and extravaganza. Your wedding planner, Italy and wedding videographer in Italy, is sure to guide you through which one seems perfect according to the theme and style of your wedding.

Relais Castello Della Castelluccia

If you prefer a Catholic or Symbolic ceremony type for your wedding, this is one of the best wedding venue, Italy. Situated on the outer parts of the metropolitan city Rome, hotel Castello Della Castelluccia is a spectacular 4-star hotel housed in a remarkable Medieval castle. The castle was built between 12th and 13th century in ancient Roman times. The hotel is beautifully decorated accompanying 23 individual rooms that are a true blend of modernism with antiqueness. This castle offers two sacred spaces for a Catholic ceremony, including stone Cloister and the Church. For the couples, who prefer an outdoor catholic ceremony, the stone Cloister is an ideal location providing seating of up to 60 guests. Whereas for couples who don’t want to take any risks regarding weather and other conditions and prefer indoor arrangments, the church is the safest option.

This hotel has beautiful scenic locations that your wedding videographer in Italy is sure to love for shoot locations. From choosing between romantic outdoor terraces facing the hills of the Italian countryside to the astonishing La Locanda Restaurant with its dark wooden ceilings, you can unfold your big day in striking locations of this castle that are also ideal for the shoot location.

I Corbezzoli

If you are looking for the stunning luxury villa for your dream wedding along with mesmerizing views as a backdrop for your shoot, Corbezzoli is the right choice for you. Corbezzoli has beautiful private pools, fully air-conditioned villa accompanied by stunning views of olive groves, woodland south of Florence and vineyards on the edge of Chianti. You can accommodate a large number of guests and celebrate your big day at its fullest in this villa.

Villa Atena

Villa Atena is known for its elegant interiors inspired by the creative geniuses of the best-loved artists of Renaissance, Fra Angelico and Giotto. The vast terrace is steered with wonderful views, contains plenty of space to accommodate a large number of guests shaded beautifully for dining and lounging. Villa Atena is considered Chianti’s quieter cousin and remains off the tourist track blissfully despite its fine wines and equally beautiful landscapes. The large marble-floored living areas and other areas add to the extravaganza attribute of this space and make it an ideal location for the shoot as well that truly becomes eye-catching sites for wedding videographers in Italy.

Hotel Lloyd’s Baia

If you are a firm on having a civil ceremony, then Hotel Lyod’s Baia is one of the best wedding venues, Italy. Lloyd’s Baia is situated on Amalfi coast and is one of the very few private wedding venues at this location. Hotel Lloyd’s Baia features a beautiful terrace overlooking a private beach, the sea, three restaurants and modern and elegant rooms. Whether you prefer a symbolic ceremony on the beach or civil ceremony on the panoramic terrace, this place holds the ideal shoot locations for any of your preferences. Your wedding planner, Italy, and wedding videographer in Italy is likely to recommend this location if you want a panoramic backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Therasia resort

As mentioned earlier, Italy is undoubtedly an ideal location for a luxury wedding reception with all its great landscapes, amazing views and food. If you are looking for a modern experience for your big day, Therasia resort is an incredible place. This amazing resort is a hidden paradise surrounded by sparkling blue and green colored sea and volcanoes, which makes it a picturesque place for an ideal shoot. Your guests as well as wedding videographer in Italy are also sure to love its beautiful ambience and jawdropping scenic views ideal for picturesque shoot location.

Villa Subtila

Villa Subtila is situated on the top of sloping hills of Umbria built in the 16th century. The Umbrian farmhouse surrounded by lemon trees and lavender is an ideal wedding venue Italy for couples who appreciate outdoor wedding with a rustic feel. The outdoor locations are surrounded by beautiful trees, green valleys, olive trees and woods that make this place a spectacular place for outdoor wedding shoot as well.

Villa di Lilliano

If you envision your wedding day in an unspoilt and enchanting territory marked by romantic green hills of vineyards, then the beautiful countryside of Italian villas is your place to be. Villa di Lilliano is surrounded by luxuriant Italian gardens and offer the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding venue Italy. This villa is a private Medicean villa with a large granary, small chapel, a Limonaia, two courtyards, beautifully terraced park and a panoramic garden that renders it a perfect exclusive wedding location. This villa is capable of accommodating a large number of guests and enjoy the beautiful space together.

Palazzo Brancaccio

If you are looking for the ideal historical palaces that definitely makes one of the most captivating wedding venues Italy, Palazzo Brancaccio can be one of them. This palace lies in the heart of Rome and is a rare example of refined and classy elegance. The palace comprises of enchanting Little palace house that is rich in paintings and decorations and also ideal for a wedding shoot. The couples who would love to have a sumptuous banquet, a dancing party that goes till midnight and a romantic wedding ceremony all at one place, Palazzo Brancaccio is a great place to ask your wedding planner Italy.

Hotel Santa Caterina

Italy is well known for its luxurious and enchanting restaurants and hotels since long. They offer a perfect setting for an unforgettable wedding reception in the Italian regions. Located in Amalfi Coast, Hotel Santa Caterina surely offers a divine panoramic coastal setting that you probably won’t see anywhere else. It is easily reachable, and you can enjoy the outdoor photoshoots surrounded by decorated landscaped terraces. You can also enjoy the scenic views of seaside level gardens and citrus groves when you walk along the garden paths of the lavish hotel. This hotel can accommodate a large number of guests as it offers 66 luminous suites and rooms with terraces, balconies and large windows so that you can enjoy the outside view of the sea right in front of your eyes. You can ask your wedding planner, Italy to make the perfect arrangements and recommend other stuff according to your preferences and budget.

Masseria Traetta

The seaside venue Masseria Traetta located in Puglia is mesmerizing location and is sure to make you speechless. The magnificence of the edifice and park majesty will give you great emotions. Masseria Traetta is an ancient place that is located in a wide park with over 100 acres of woods and olive groves. This place hosts an ideal selection of refined and stylish furniture and art objects. A hall is available on site to cherish civil weddings. You won’t be disappointed by this refined and exclusive wedding venue, Italy that has so much to offer including beautiful space for shoot location, artistic appeal and mesmerizing outlook.

Hotel Caruso

Hotel Caruso lies in the wonderful frame of Ravello and is a perfect wedding destination for those who seek a cultural retreat. This hotel features clusters of flower-filled, medieval alleyways to explore in addition to being one of the picturesque places on the coastline. Hotel Caruso is one of the most elegant wedding destinations that features beautiful outdoor and indoor locations perfect for a striking shoot. Both Catholic and civil weddings lie in the heart of Ravello. The hilltop position of this hotel ensures breathtaking views, long hours of enchanting sunshine and a high level of quietness and peace while accommodating a large number of guests.

Wedding videographers in Italy are sure to appreciate these wedding venues in Italy because they are ideal and well-known for their breathtaking and attractive views. Depending upon the personal preferences, couples can choose the wedding venue Italy after discussing the settings and arrangements with their wedding planner Italy to get a better opinion.