Wedding Videographer Tuscany – Information About me

Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life. It is the day which celebrates the love between you and your partner by joining you both in a holy and eternal bond. It is such a special day for you and your loved ones that you wish to relive it time and time again. Fortunately, this is not impossible anymore, thanks to the modern technology and wedding videographers. Memories fade due to their ephemeral nature but, pictures and videos keep them alive. Your wedding memories can be like a fairy tale or an absolute nightmare. It all depends on your wedding videographer.

If you want to make sure that your wedding memories remain a fairy tale then, Emanuele Mura is your guy. He is the best wedding videographer in Italy. His portfolio is filled to the top with satisfied and happy customers. Known for providing rich quality films, Emanuele is the most wanted wedding videographer in the whole of Italy. He believes in providing high quality work to his clients every single time. Emanuele never compromises on quality, richness, originality and personalization. He solemnly believes that weddings films should have a touch of the bride and groom’s personality. That is exactly why he personally gets to know the bride and groom of the wedding and learns about them give the wedding video a personal touch. He aims to portray the biggest day of your love story in your own original and personal style. 

While shooting for the video, you will not feel like you are at a movie shoot nor will you have to fake anything. This is because, Emanuele works so quietly and discreetly to capture the most beautiful and candid moments that you will not even notice that he is there with you. He has expertise in every filming style but, as an Italian he personally prefers the Reportage style of wedding films.

He provides his wedding videography services, everywhere in the world and destination weddings are his favourite but, Tuscany has a special place in his heart. If you want a destination wedding with an incredibly stunning view, superb weather and amazing food then Tuscany is the perfect view for you. You will receive a lot of envious comments and compliments if your wedding video becomes a stunning combination of Emanuele Mura Wedding Films and the breathtakingly beautiful view of Tuscany. To make sure that your wedding is a successful affair or event then plan a destination wedding and choose Tuscany as your wedding’s destination. Sure, compromising is important when it comes to various decisions of your life but, you should never compromise on wedding destination and nor on the videographer who is going to compile your beautiful memories into an emotional and beautiful video.

Apart from destination weddings, Emanuele Mura also provides his wedding videography services for wedding proposals, engagements and will also be there to capture your beautiful moments even if you are planning to elope with your partner. Typically, he provides his wedding videography services of 12 hours but, that can also be exceed to another day.

Do not be disheartened by thinking that you would not be able to afford this amazing wedding videographer for your wedding day because, he has provided several deals and packages for his clients so, that they do not have to compromise on their wedding video. Furthermore, the price of your wedding film also depends on your personal requests.

Your cinematic wedding video/film will take at the very least 90 days to reach you through the internet but, to reach your doorstep, packed in a wooden box, your wedding video could take up to 150 days. However, no matter the number of days, you will receive a video containing a thousand memories that will hit you with heavy emotions each time you watch it. A cinematic wedding film will be around three to six minutes long however, a reportage wedding film will be approximately 20 to 25 minutes long. If you desire then, Emanuele can also deliver you a documentary edit of your wedding day film that will be up to an hour long. Please keep in mind that the documentary edit will contain the original background sounds and noises.

If you want to avail the services of the best wedding videographer in Italy aka Emanuele Mura, then you can either reach out to him through his website which is “Emanuele Mura Wedding  Films” by filling out a form on his contact page or you can simply send him an email at He will reach out to you within a time span of 24 hours.