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Why Is Italy So Special When It Comes To Weddings?

A wedding means lots of food and lots of happiness but it also means tons of planning and work. And the very first task is to decide the place if you’re opting for a destination wedding. You may even learn your vows correctly but picking that perfect place is a daunting task.

Choosing a place in Italy narrows your selection and the country fulfills all the wishes a couple has for their wedding. Whether you want an intimate wedding with few people or a lavish wedding with a large number of guests, you get a variety of venues to choose from.

Although the country provides everything, it still comes down to you to make it work correctly and in order.

1.    Do your research thoroughly

Choosing the best place to suit you and your partner can be tricky. Hence, do a proper research just to be double sure about everything. But just to reduce your work, the best city known for weddings is Florence. Imagine a Florence wedding film with your lover on a beautiful lakeside and all covered in flowers with you in the middle (the dream you were seeing since a very long time right!).

2.    Don’t forget to film the fun you had

You know the time once went doesn’t come back. But you can keep it with you in some other form right! Just remember to hire someone from the city itself for best results. If you need a suggestion, just try Emanuele Mura wedding film.

A Complete Blissful Tour Of Italy: Your Desired Wedding Destination

An enchanting and intriguing place, Italy is one of the perfect destinations for weddings. The country is known for its colorful and vibrant culture mixed with a history and perseverance of it for over 800 years.

It has a variety of places according to the preferences of the people. All you have to do is go there and enjoy one of the best days of your life.

Things to remember when getting married in Italy

Although most of the places in the country are known for something unique and different, it is still important to match your desires with the city you like.

For instance, the much known city called Florence is the place desired by all who wish to get married in Italy. The city is known for its hundreds of years old architecture and its classical renaissance.

1.    A major point in any wedding is that you don’t get this moment every day and you need to capture it correctly covering each detail.

2.     Choose someone who knows how to add a smooth and romantic texture to make a wedding unforgettable (A perfect Florence wedding film to adore your wedding anytime you like).

3.    Planning is the most important aspect if you’re going to a destination wedding. From guests to the food, from wine to the venue, everything has to be pre-decided. The best way is to hire a local wedding planner and all the worries are his and not yours.

Location: La Lupaia – Montepulciano

Photography: Monica Leggio

Celebrant: Jo Bertolino Tuscanpledges