When it comes to planning your wedding, you would prefer jaw-dropping and most elegant location. And, what could be more perfect than planning it in Italy? Even celebs approved it! Like Amal Clooney and George, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Destination weddings are becoming the new ‘in’ trend for many couples these days. The wedding is held far away from the couple’s hometown to their desired location for their fairytale destination wedding. Whether it involves just you and your dearest one or including your family members with a long list of other guests, this theme has set new records.

The real sensation of the word “Beauty” is depicted by Italy. Whether it’s south or north, you will truly feel a sense of romanticism because of its breathtaking architecture, the dim ancient narrow pathways to walk through, ringing church bells, the romantic connotations and everything in between.

Why Destination wedding in Italy?

The ideal location for your wedding is definitely Italy. Why? Well the list is too long but let me tell some of them for the starters

  • Simply because it’s magical. The romantic aura it depicts is hard to find elsewhere.
  • The weather is so perfect and delightful most of the time
  • They are famous for their traditional weddings. From hairdressers to florists to caterers and stylists, everyone is so professional because of their experience
  • The live music is so amazing even in small towns from classical, jazz, hip hop, soul, rock to Opera. And, we all know choosing the perfect music for your wedding is as important as the wedding ceremony itself. Right?
  • The warmth and hospitality of Italian people are invincible. Your guests coming to attend your destination wedding in Italy will be in full holiday spirit and be so relaxed with themselves
  • Ah! Who can forget the deliciously popular Italian food?

Destination wedding in Italy is like “a dream come true”.

Destination wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany is famous for its beautiful wedding venues. It is definitely going to be your dream location, and you will definitely fall in love. You can select the amazing venues based on your choice of reception preference and also the number of the guest list.  You can choose farmhouses, villas or castles depending on your choice for a destination wedding in Tuscany. Tuscany countryside, Chianti, Lucca, Florence, and Siena are some of the most famous wedding venues preferred by people.

Destination wedding lake Como

The unique panorama of the luxurious Lake Como makes it one of the topmost legendary places for a destination wedding in Italy. The tranquility, exquisite cuisine and wine, landscapes and natural elegance attracts people to adore this beautiful place. People dream of planning a destination wedding in Lake Como to have an unforgettable divine wedding experience.

Destination wedding in Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast has been known for its beauty since Roman times. Famous artists and poets often call this place like a corner of paradise. The ethereal blue sky, stunning ocean views and warmest hospitality found in their people make this place perfect for your big day. The superlative cuisine and wines, splendid palaces, luxurious coastal villas make this Mediterranean paradise as Italy’s most discerning location and attract people to plan their destination wedding in Amalfi coast.

How to do a Destination wedding in Italy

Once, you have decided your destination wedding in Italy; you have to plan properly about how you can do it and generate some great ideas to avoid any havoc. Let’s point out a few guidelines:

  • You can decide your budget by determining how much you want to spend on your destination wedding in Italy. Whether you want to pay for your venue, food, entertainment, drinks of your wedding festivities or also want to accommodate your guests and book a villa for them.
  • Civil wedding, religious wedding or symbolic wedding by waiting for the paperwork back home and then have a symbolic wedding event, it’s all your choice. Your selection of the type of wedding will influence your decision of the venue. Book your desired venue as soon as possible or it would be booked by someone else. And you’ll regret your procrastination later!
  • You don’t want to spoil your big day because of any unusual circumstances for sure. Therefore, it’s essential to do a little research about the weather conditions so that your event remains safe. It’s possible to save it from ruining because of heavy rainfall or any other problematic weather condition.
  • As soon as you have decided the date, estimated the number of guests that are going to attend your wedding and the type of ceremony you prefer for your wedding, select your desired venue. You can select your venue based on the style of wedding ceremony you prefer like luxurious, lavish and elegant or simple near seasides or lakes.
  • Would you want all the memories of your fairytale destination wedding go in vain? Definitely not! You’ve planned so much for your big day but one of the most crucial key aspects of your fairytale destination wedding is to choose the best photographer and a videographer. Book your dream photographer and videographer as soon as possible because you don’t want to miss that for sure. They certainly capture the soul of your event!
  • How many Bridesmaid? How many and who will be best man? You should neglect this central part of your wedding. Once you have prepared a guest list, chosen your best man and bridesmaid, don’t delay to inform them. It’s time to send out invitations as early as possible.
  • Caterer, florist, lighting
  • When you are organizing your wedding ceremony in Italy, you should complete the necessary documentation and don’t forget to consider the priest if you want a religious wedding ceremony. Find a perfect catering company, event stylist and florist, hair and makeup artist, wedding cake, entertainment, and musicians. Last but not least, the wedding cake too. All of these contribute to creating a delightful atmosphere for your event.
  • If you have a limited budget, but you want the best of best, you can compromise on the ideal wedding season because off-season often means great deals.
  • While you have organized the whole event, don’t forget to focus on a game plan of your big day. You must plan your wedding day schedule that all about when you will get ready and leave for the event, the entrance timing, drinks serving and dinner time, etc. etc.
  • If you don’t want to get into a struggle with all these planning but still want the best of it, you may hire a wedding planner. Well, that’s a great idea indeed. Italian wedding planners are best known for their expertise in their field. They have excellent experience of organizing numerous weddings for Italians as well as foreigners who choose Italy as the venue for their wedding for many years. If you hire a professional wedding planner, don’t worry, you’ll be in safe hands and won’t regret it later. They assure the absolute perfect wedding for you.

I hope some of these essential points might be beneficial for your knowledge, but the list doesn’t end here. It goes on and on, but you can generate your own ideas and expand your planning strategies for the perfect destination wedding in Italy.

Why is videography so important?

You planned the whole destination wedding for long, but usually, the event remains just for 24 hours. Those 24 hours are, however, very precious and compile most treasured moments of you and your spouse-to-be, your friends and family. You definitely don’t want to miss those moments. You will want them to stay with you like forever. You will always want to relive the moments and even want to show them to everyone who wasn’t able to attend your big day, also to your children, grand-children and so on. Can you let go of all the hard work you’ve put for all the fantastic little details? I don’t think so!

From selecting the perfect attire to a wedding ring, to perfect flowers and arrangements and to the best videographer, this is the decision you’re never going to regret.

  • Remembering your big day

You cannot remember everything from a single day. You might forget the smaller details that often mean the most. The moment you got ready to walk down the aisle with the best man and to holding the hand of your better half, you want to cherish the moment again and again, and that’s where videographers fit in with their capabilities.

  • Watching your big day as a guest

A good videographer will allow you to reminisce your big day as a guest eye. You will observe your acts, vows, speeches at dinner, people’s reactions and other treasured moments all in a single video. Videos enable you to hear, feel, watch and remember things of your big day that might not be possible otherwise.

Videography is the most important vendor for your fairytale destination wedding, and you surely don’t want to skip that part. You won’t be able to remember everything on your big day but your videos will! They capture the soul of your event! I hear most of the newlyweds saying their dream day just flew by and they have very vague images of precious moments, but the simple solution to this fear of losing your memories is hiring a best professional videographer.