Destination Wedding, Tuscany, And A Good Videographer!!

Tuscany weddings are unique! Nothing can surpass the exquisite beauty of the Tuscan countryside. It is absolutely romantic and breathtaking. If you meander into the hill towns of Tuscany any time of the year, all your senses are rewarded with the splendors that this enchanting area of Italy has to offer. It’s the Italian region of choice for some of the biggest celebrities like Kim Kardashian chose Florence for her wedding. If like Kim Kardashian, you have your heart set getting married in Italy, you can have your civil ceremony at the Red Hall at Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence. Now imagine, 15 years from now when you’re watching your wedding video with your children, who are now old enough to understand and being able to ‘be there’. That’s how you convey your power love and the strength and of your bond to them. For this beautiful message to be delivered, you need to have a talented wedding videgrapher. Emanuele Mura is one of the best wedding videographers to be hired if you’re planning to get married anytime in Italy. He believes that every couple has a different attitude, look and personality, which is why he creates custom films that capture a couple’s authentic emotions using a story telling approach. From shooting to editing, he creates a memorable story that you can enjoy for a lifetime. So if you want your authentic story to reach everyone’s heart, contact Emanuele Mura.

Get Married In Italy And Have A Breathtaking Cinematographic Experience!!!

Classical, cinematographic and elegant are three ways to describe the approach to wedding Videography by Emanuele Mura. His process of learning and listening about each couple he works with allows him to fully understand their vision, aiding in his goal of making a film that speaks in their own personal style and story. Based in Tuscany, Emanuele Mura covers the weddings all across Italy and especially in Tuscany as this is the most popular place as a wedding destination.  The wedding venues in Tuscany range from a hilltop castle to beautiful vineyards. The Chianti and Siena wedding venues offer many majestic castles as well as magnificent stone mansion and Villas with a countryside home ambience. Lucca is historically the wealthiest city in Tuscany which offers the most lavish wedding venues. For such a beautiful venue, Emanuele Mura is the best choice for videography.  Listening to his couples wishes is his first priority as he creates a film which is unique and individual to you. The addition of carefully selected music and thoughtfully edited moments make every feeling documented come alive. If you and your partner have a strong passion for classic film, artistry and the unique things in life, Emanuele Mura will exceed your expectations in delivering a wedding video that will last the ages.