Elizabeth / Jonathan

It was a beautiful day in Certaldo. A day that more than agreed and was on the same site with a passionate wedding videographer in our fair Tuscany.  The sun was rising with the promise of a beautiful day ahead. Emotions filled the air as the preparations were beginning. There is nothing more beautiful than being in the presence of true love. It is one of the most positive energies you could be surrounded by.  I was in the presence of a dream coming true, and one can only admit that is a true honor for anyone. This is how our Destination Wedding Tuscany film in Italy began.

The bride, Elizabeth, wore a beautiful white gown that complimented her in every way. She wore an A-line dress that flowed when she moved. The dress was wrapped with embroideries and offered a distinct note of elegance. Her accessories made everything add up to perfection. Her hair was simple yet sophisticated in an up-do style and accessioned with a white flower to contrast her highlighted brown hair. Elizabeth is a positive person and she brings that with her everywhere she goes.

The groom, Jonathan, was tall and handsome. He radiated with happiness in a strong way that was easily visible in our wedding videography session in Tuscany. He wore a classic suit and tie and accessioned in the same colors as Elizabeth making them seem as one, as a perfect couple. The groom wore sneakers, personalized with the date and the location, followed by a beautiful line “for better or worse”. Jonathan can be described best as a kind person and it is crystal clear that Elizabeth loves this about him.

Our bride and groom emanated with pure joy. The love they share was so strong that one might say it was palpable. The bride helped the groom get ready and arranged his tie with such tenderness that their passion was clear as crystal.

Elizabeth and Jonathan had a beautiful ceremony held in the town of Certaldo. The Destination Wedding Tuscany was intimate and private. The officiant tied their union. The couple exchanged the vows they had written for each other.

Our wedding film in Italy was as natural as a videographer could possibly wish for. The hills welcomed the couple with all the beauty Italy was to offer. Elizabeth and Jonathan shared a beautiful day. My presence as a wedding videographer was very relaxed as I followed the couple in a more than natural way.

One of the biggest dreams you can have is to matter to someone. When that dream comes true you can consider yourself fulfilled. It is something we all wish for, no matter where we are from. When your significant others dream and wish is to live a “happy life” you know you have found the perfect soul to share the rest of your life with.

Elizabeth sees more in Jonathan than he does. When two people that choose to spend the rest of your life with each other have the support that is needed to make the relationship amazing, you know you have found the more than you could ever have wished for. As a wedding videographer, I can distinguish a love and passion like the one they share with ease.

Destination Wedding Tuscany films in Italy is what I do. The fact that as a wedding videographer I have the opportunity to meet amazing couples like Elizabeth and Jonathan is just the cherry on top of the cake. Jonathan proposed to Elizabeth in a very unique and original way. Being a writer as well, he was able to print a book with pictures from their first year together. He wrote a caption for each picture and he had a friend create the book cover. A book cover that was going to ask Elizabeth to marry him. He pretended to want to go to a bookstore to look at other book covers to get new ideas for his upcoming book. He had put the proposal book on the shelf of the bookstore. Jonathan handed Elizabeth the book off the shelf and asked her what she thought. As she was reading the cover he got down on one knee, and he pulled out a ring and asked the big question.