Nick  / Ashley

Two wedding bands set on pages that held their vows. A perfect picture of balance. The rings representing “forever” laid on top of the words they choose to share as promises. The words might have been perfect but it was our two protagonists that made everything come together for this beautiful destination wedding in Italy. A perfect destination wedding in Tuscany for Ashley and Nick.

Our scene is set in Florence and at the Castello di Vincigliata. Awaiting the beginning of the rest of their lives are Ashley and Nick in one of the most beautiful decors a wedding videographer in Tuscany can dream of. The building is of classical Italian style dressed in beautiful brownstone with a statue standing tall as if saluting the adventure Ashley and Nick are about to embark on together starting with their destination wedding in Italy.

The room is of epic proportions decorated in a way that defies the modern world leaving it mute beyond belief. The walls are completely dressed in tapestry and art depicting a world that we only read about in books and see in museums. The golden chandeliers were surrounded by crystals and hung low, bringing the beautiful room to life with its warm light.  A fairy tale scene is set.

There are few words that can be used to describe the beauty that Ashley carried herself with. A beauty that was natural and pure altogether. The wedding gown that she chose to wear on her beautiful destination wedding in Tuscany was a mermaid silhouette gown that had two straps that fell on her arms giving her the perfect princess look. The dress was white and it was dripping of lace embroideries that made everything about their destination wedding in Italy come together in a magical way.  

Her hair hung low and natural as if untouched, yet perfect somehow. She had a beautiful hairpiece made of small rhinestones with white pearls that made her hairstyle and hair color come together in perfect unison with the wedding gown. Her shoes were nude strappy sandals that were so discreet one would think Ashley walked on clouds. Her garter was a pure masterpiece made of lace and rhinestones. Her makeup was natural and flawless letting everyone know that she is a natural beauty every day of her life.

The bouquet was made up of pale color roses and wild leaves in a perfectly imperfect balance courtesy of Flowerloving. It hung wildly in her hands. A wedding videographers dream wedding in Tuscany.

Our groom, Nick was pure and handsome. His look was that of a prince depicted straight out of a fairy tale. He wore a classic black suit with black shoes that made everything come together in perfect harmony. Nick wore a crisp white shirt with straps. His watch was a classic piece that will stand the tests of time just as their love for one another.  He had white flowers, same as the roses in the bride’s bouquet placed near his heart. His hair was perfectly arranged without a strand out of place. Our groom was as close to perfection as a wedding videographer could wish for.

The wedding decor was arranged to perfection. Simona Cappitelli managed to bring to life a story that was appropriate for our two lovebirds for their perfect destination wedding in Tuscany. The tables were long and perfectly arranged in a U-shaped manner. Their beauty was brought together by the floral decor that was placed in perfect balance on the center of the table. Crystal classes awaited the arrival of all the guest to be held and toast the happy couple. Twinkle lights floated above to create the warm ambiance that went perfectly with our destination wedding in Tuscany.

Finding the perfect person, your soulmate, in life is something that all people wish to one day have. It’s what keeps us all going. For Ashley and Nick that search is over. Their patience in life has been rewarded and their reward is a lifetime of happiness together.

Firenze Classica and Filippo Galassini brought life to the ears of all with their musical talents and created a night to remember for all. As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, I can easily state that this was a beautiful love that I was able to be a part of. To Ashley and Nick.

Planning: Simona Cappitelli

Locations:Lanfredini Florence Apartments, Piazza Pitti Palace, Castello di Vincigliata

Photography: Francesco Spighi

Music:Firenze Classica, Filippo Galassini

Flowers: Flowerliving