There is something special about all love stories, but when you place two people in love, Silvia and Niccolo, in one of the most beautiful corners of the world then the story seems to catch extra color and life making it simply perfect. The never-ending greenery that is the Tuscan land is all the eye can see for this destination wedding videographer.

The day begins with the emotions that accompany the beautiful process of getting ready. These small moments when the bride and the groom prepare for their big day are the exact moments that create these amazing wedding videos in Tuscany. The smallest details that you aren’t even aware that you are doing, the smallest emotion on ones face are what makes it possible for me as a wedding videographer in Tuscany to be able to create a perfect wedding video in Tuscany.

An elegant groom, filled with emotions, stands tall looking out the window into the beautiful scenery. What is going through his mind is beyond the view outside. Images of his future begin today and it’s only a matter of time before everything falls into place for this wedding video in Tuscany. Niccolo holds an old pocket vintage watch that has a chain in his hand. He sets the small manual wheel to give the watch life.

The air is filled with palpable emotions and tokens of memories created are hung on the walls. White frames hug photographs of Silvia and Niccolo showing moments of love, laughter and kisses shared. Small moments captured once that makes me as a wedding videographer in Tuscany sure that this day will be a day of true celebration of love.

Silvia wore a beautiful gown that was made out of light time and it gave her a motionless step when she moved as if she was floating that was captured by this wedding videographer in Tuscany. The decollete was V-shaped in the front and a deeper V-shape in the back with straps. The bride wore something that made her stand out even more, a small touch that seemed to be from another time when chivalry and elegance were a must. She wore white gloves, as all ladies did at one time. The bride also wore two separate bolero jackets to shield her from the cool weather. Both were white. One had fur at the neckline and the handline and the other was all fur. A small detail that made this wedding video in Tuscany even more epic.  

The bride was every wedding videographer in Tuscany’s dream. Her makeup was natural and flawless just as the scenery making this destination wedding videographer happy. She chose a nude natural tone for her nails. He hair was lose and had natural curls towards the ends. He hairpiece was a statement piece of jewelry. She wore peal earnings and most importantly she wore a smile.

The groom had a distinct look that came together in perfect harmony. His suit was a deep navy blue that was all brought together by a distinct signature statement piece, a very unique vest. A vest that had blue and navy tones and was the heart of the ensemble. He wore a bow tie that was in the perfect sink with everything from the suit to the vintage pocket watch. As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, I can definitely state that this was a unique groom. He wore his wedding band on his left hand and he wore a silver bracelet on his right hand that was clearly a piece of him that he wanted to have there on his wedding day.

The moment came when their love was brought in front off of their family and friends, and above all in front of God. The church was filled with emotions as the bride was escorted down the aisle to be joined together for life with Niccolo. A perfect moment that seems to be taking place in slow motion is captured in this wedding video in Tuscany. The bride wore her veil over her face creating the perfect moment. Her wedding bouquet was created out many flowers that all came together in pure perfection of white.

As the bride reached the groom’s side down the aisle, he raised her veil and gave his bride a kiss. Their emotions were more than palpable and our groom gave the bride one more kiss on the forehead, the ultimate sign of love. The ceremony began and it was beautiful. It all ended with the bride and groom walking out of the church in a shower of confetti and petals that were thrown in the air by those they loved most. The celebration continued throughout the night. Everyone laughed and danced the night away creating a perfect wedding. A beautiful destination wedding for this videographer.