Do you have your big day coming up? And do you want to capture the precious moments of this big day and keep them with you forever? I suppose the answer to both these questions is yes, and if that is you are just in the right place.

Now that everything has been planned for your wedding day, you need to decide on a professional wedding videographer too. Because those two to three hours are the best hours of your life and they are not coming back. So, you need to capture them and keep them safe and locked. All those sweet moments starting from the groom getting ready, the first time he sees the bride, the bride’s hair and makeup being done, the moment she puts on her veil, the moment she steps out in front her groom, to the chanting and laughs of the best men and the bridesmaids, the parents crying and all those moments that you are going to cherish for the rest of your life need to be captured in the lens of the camera in their own beauty.

Why do you need a professional videographer for your wedding?

It is very important that you work with a professional videographer. We know that the moments of this day are not coming back, and these are moments that you are going to play again and again for the rest of your life, trying to live them for one more time and having your heart filled with joy once again.

Weddings are a complex event to shoot. There is a lot going on and you need to capture all the moments of so many people. The bride and the groom, the bridesmaids, the family, the parents even the kids are doing such cute things around that they need to be captured in the lens. So, this kind of complexity can only be handled by a professional videographer. Someone who has the experience of wedding photoshoots and someone who has learned about the important things that go into wedding videography.

Difference between photoshoot and videography?

You must have seen in some other weddings that there is a person clicking only still pictures while there is another person who is continuously making a video. Now as important as the still photographs are for a fairytale wedding photo shoot, capturing the moments in a video as they are happening is also very important. Only in a good video, you can see all the natural smiles, the candid laughs and the actual happenings of the day.

There is so much that happens from the start to the end of the day. From the bride and groom getting ready to the end of the day when the family says goodbye to the husband and wife as they leave for their honeymoon. All of these moments are to be saved on a DVD so that you can play them again and again and relive all those moments and smiles that were happening on that day. still photographs are more choreographed and somewhat more conscious than a video. So, having a professional wedding videographer is very important.

Destination weddings

Destination weddings are the most beautiful weddings. I personally having expertise in Italy wedding videography, have shot some of the most beautiful destination weddings Italy. As a destination wedding videographer, I can say that the beauty of a destination wedding can never be matched and just cannot be missed. You have so much natural beauty around you that you can capture and click some of the most mesmerizing pictures and make a fairytale wedding videography for this beautiful destination and an equally beautiful couple.

I am a professional Tuscany wedding videographer Italy and have covered many Tuscany villa weddings. It is one of the most beautiful destinations for a wedding and has the most beautiful and mesmerizing view for a destination wedding Tuscany Italy. Sometimes I think that this city was made for weddings because it’s just so romantic and perfect for a fairytale wedding.

What should the wedding videography look like?

Being a professional destination wedding videographer especially Italy wedding videography I know that both the beauty of the destination and the wedding itself must be captured. The beauty of the destination is there to complement the beauty of the wedding and the couple. The destination wedding Tuscany Italy has made some of the most elegant and mesmerizing weddings.

In your wedding videography, all the important moments need to be captured. These moments not only include the most significant moments, like the bride’s entrance, the first kiss, the vows and the rings, but also the small precious moments that sometimes go unseen, like the first time the groom sees his bride, the smiles on the faces of all guests as the bride enters, the bride’s beautiful dress from top to bottom, the giggles of the best men as they tease the groom, the beautiful bridesmaid, the parents with their teary eyes, the kids playing around and the cute and candid moments kids are having playing around. There is so much to capture, you just cannot miss any moment.

Your wedding videography should look like a fairytale wedding, every wedding is important and precious, and each wedding requires its own personality. Your destination wedding Tuscany Italy will show your personality and will have its own beauty. No two wedding videos can be the same because no couple is the same. Every couple has their own story and their own personality which must depict in the video graph.

As a destination wedding videographer, I know how I can capture all these moments, its all about being there in the time and remaining focused just admiring the beauty and elegance of everything around.

How should your destination wedding videographer work?

Being a wedding videographer, I have learned that I have to capture all the moments without disturbing anyone. No one likes a video camera just poked into their face, it doesn’t help anyone, and people become uncomfortable. I know that I have to be there without bothering anyone. Because that’s what a destination wedding videographer should do. I remain there but no one becomes uncomfortably conscious with the presence of a camera and them being video graphed. As I have said earlier it’s about capturing people moment’s as they laugh with their heart and smile with joy.

It’s the bride’s and groom’s big day and as long as I am there all they need to worry about is to enjoy their day to the fullest and live with their heart. Capturing the moments is left on to me and as my many clients have said it’s like reliving the day even after 10 years when you are watching the video one more time.

Your wedding video should look good even after 20 years because honestly you never get bored if it. It is a movie for your grandchildren and they must enjoy it too. That’s what I aspire and that’s what I work towards.

How much a destination wedding videography cost?

Generally, Italy wedding prices range from $1500 to $4000. On average the price remains around $2000. However, the cost of course changes depending on the kind of wedding, how long the video is and the destination of the wedding. A destination wedding Tuscany Italy wedding videography costs around $2000. Unlike other wedding videographers I do not bother the guests and remain invisible to the guests around.

It’s the quality of the video that matters and I provide high-quality work on very affordable prices. I realize that weddings are a big event and require some big expenses, but make sure that videography is not your least priority because at the end of the day only this video is going to be the thing that matters. You will forget the food that you ate or the number of guests you unvoted, it is those moments captured in the video that will matter and remain with you for the rest of your life. Something that you will always remember.

Having a good destination wedding videography is very important. Being a wedding videographer Italy and filming so many Tuscany villa weddings I have realized how important it is to capture the moments. Because this day is just not coming back ever again. It has to be perfect and the perfect moments need to be captured in the lens of the camera.

Why I am the best destination wedding videographer for you?

I know that this day is special and that the video needs to be special too. For shooting the video I use the highest quality cameras and lens. I make sure that the video is made of highest HD quality and that every moment is clear and in its own true beauty. I remain focused on the wedding and capture the true essence and personality of the wedding. Each wedding is different, each couple has their own story and I make sure that their story is depicted in their wedding video.

The wedding videos must represent look like a fairy tale wedding with all the moments close to the heart captured in the lens of the camera locked to remain with you forever and after.