Have you ever dream of your wedding like the one in the world of fantasies. Imagine your wedding at the dream destination with all the luxurious, won’t it just pluck your nerves. Wedding is not just a noun; it is a verb full of expectations and anticipations. Love is like fairy-tale and celebration of love must be like heavens falling for you. So have you ever got any imaginative thought of how your wedding day will be like? Obviously, many of us have a lot of planning for their upcoming life’s biggest event. All of our lifetime memories depend on that one day. Who will not try to make it perfect? So if you are thinking about a fairy-tale wedding then you must plan to make it happen in Italy.

Why Italy? Italy is the full of most romantic places on earth. It has cities with the romantic history just like the city of Venice. Italy is full of architecture that’s speaks of its own glory. Italy is place that is full of art and colors of nature. If you ever imagined a fairy-tale wedding for yourself then plan for wedding in Italy. There are few reasons that why you should get married in Italy?

  1. Aborning place of romantic story Romeo and Juliet.

Italy has the most romantic place with the story of pure love of Romeo and Juliet. It still has the balcony of Juliet. These places can easily amalgamate in your day of love celebration. The blooming day of your wedding must be filled with essence of love in air. This essence is only found in the air of Italy.

  1.   Classical castles.

Italy is the place of classical architecture with castles that take you to the world of imaginations. Just think about your wedding at such a classical place similar to the one in stories of princess.

  1. Waterside grand hotels.

Grand hotel on the waterside can give such a amazing view to shoot your wedding at.

  1. Hill views with Italian lakes.

Italy is famous for its hill views with Italian lakes. How beautiful is to interact your biggest day with place of eye-catching sites?

  1. Popular wedding destinations.

Italy is now on the top list of wedding destinations. It has countless places that can be set according to your taste of choice that can be historical, classical, nature depicting places and waterside views.

  1. Ancient cities with historical sites.

It has cities with ancient walls and most elegant places in Tuscany. Those scenes can add more flavor to your wedding by making it much more special.

  1. Luxurious provided at every location.

The best thing about wedding in Italy is that, it provides every facility to make your day. Even at all the places like villas and hotels, everything is just up-to the mark. it somehow depends on your budget also that you are going to avail how much from those.

  1. Best fairy-tale videographer.

Beside all the other facts, the one more important thing to consider is the fairy-tale videographer who will convert your wedding memories into the most exceptional one.

Moreover Italy is considered to have best wedding venues. Here is the list of the some outstanding and most desired venues you must consider before you select dream destination wedding photography:

  1. La foce.
  2. Villa cenitale.
  3. Villa centignano.
  4. Borgo stomennano.
  5. Villa cimbrone.
  6. Villa gamberaia.

In addition to this, there are more exclusive wedding venues:

  1. II boro.
  2. Rosewood castiglion Del bosco.
  3. Villa del balbiano
  4. Villa pizzo
  5. Villa I collazi

In contrast to the busiest places in Italy to shoot for your wedding here are the most intimate venues of Italy that can worth your investment:

  1. Ravello
  2. Capri.

Along with these mentioned places there are many others in the list, but the most comfortable and calm wedding needs you to hire a villa for your family. Italy has the number of villas and wedding venue. Amalfi coast is quite famous for its hotels with privileged services. Those services include facility of massages, ironing your clothes, they always try to keep food around you and they are available for any help. They host your guests well. But if you are in need to have some privacy and calm atmosphere then go for a villa at Tuscany countryside. The rolling hills, olives, vineyards, cypress trees, and the view of horizon can add life to your wedding photography. Villas of Tuscany have the opportunity of serving meals or you are going to manage your own catering. But villas also provide you with wide garden along with peace zone that can prove best for your wedding shoot.

Reserving a hotel and renting a villa is up to your choice, but for the wedding photography here are few castles where you can have the variety to give some emotional exposure to your shoot. Some castles have the accommodations and for others you have to book your reservation in nearby locations. Now here is the list of castles that can enhance your fantasy effect of wedding:

  1. Castello di celsa.
  2. Castello di casole.
  3. Castello di mondanella.
  4. Castello di vincigliata.
  5. Castello la leccia.
  6. Castello del naro.
  7. II palagio
  8. Castello di gabbiano.
  9. Castello di odescalchi.

Italy is getting popular with the couples for the best wedding photography that is done in the wide regions like:

  1. Tuscany.
  2. Venice.
  3. Florence
  4. Amalfi coast.
  5. Lake como.
  6. Rome.

These places can add special effects to your wedding photography.

After selecting the most appropriate place for your wedding, now there is need to decide about the one is going to shoot your wedding with some outstanding and brilliant effects. There are hundreds and thousands of photographers that are available for your wedding photography but while you are choosing other things so wisely, you should choose the best photographer for your wedding. Wedding photographs and videos are the best memory you have for lifetime and even your future generation can revive that great day of your life.

Videographer is the one who can add most mesmerizing effects in your wedding shoot. The magical trance you always want to give someone who will watch your wedding can only be possible through a professional videographer whose work is quite unique than others. Your wedding is already a special day of your life and you are expecting all the others things to be very special, just like that your videographer must be special too. 

Emanuele Mura is the best videographer from Arezzo in Tuscany. He has created exceptional videos with magical effects that are beyond your imagination but he can travel anywhere around the world for his couples. His work speaks of his quality and uniqueness. You can check those videos and photographs. You can easily get in touch with him and he can answer your queries with quick response. He can even tell you how your wedding day can be more exciting and adventurous. He can even guide you about the places, venues and locations where you can fill your outmost desire. He can shoot for the outstanding and amazing wedding, elopement, and pre-wedding sessions. It’s a dream place to shoot and he is master in his work. He captures the originality with true temperament, style and pure spirit with genuine character.

Emanuele’s work is example of his extraordinary skills to capture the souls that speaks of his outstanding capturing quality. His experience is the most powerful thing along with his studies, work and workshops. He has the perfect skill to blend your ordinary images into the exceptional and mesmerizing photographs and videos. Moreover this person can made your wedding day even more amazing with most adventurous experience. He is the best guide in Italy as well. He knows every inch of those highly famed places. You can rely on his work and he is the only one who can make that magic happen to you as well. He got the number of happy clients on his profile who appreciates his work. His sincerity depicts in his work.

Italy is the most special place to choose as a dream destination wedding, and a proper guide and best photography can make it more fruitful for you.


What Can You Expect From Your Wedding Videographer?

With a skilled wedding videographer Italy by your side, it will be possible for you to get a better understanding of the things that you can expect, which will let you plan your entire wedding day in a more effortless way. Here are some things that you can expect from a professional wedding videographer.

Professional style of operations

When it comes to details, you can depend a lot on the groom and the bride. As soon as you escort the videographer to the destination wedding Italy venue, you can expect him to begin working. He is likely to be accompanied by a crew, who will begin to set up and place camera, tripod, lights and other pieces of equipment. With your coordination and cooperation, the wedding videographer will shoot all the minute details – whether it comes to the pre-wedding preparations, the reception or the ceremony itself.

Equipment and Technical Abilities

Professionals have an eye for all the necessary details and are capable of staying out of the way, and get all the shots that are needed. The equipment is what sets them apart from a DIY videographer or a novice videographer. You can expect the professional wedding videographer Italy that you hire to come with the newest HD cameras of broadcast quality, which can assure the best picture clarity and quality. This means no poor color, blurs or grainy images.

Montages of Reception and Wedding Preparations

Your videographer will all along be with you, right from the start to the end of your wedding day. He will try to spend the maximum amount of time in the venue, to capture all the candid, heartfelt and funny moments of your preparations before the destination wedding Italy. All the moments will be shot – whether of the groom being in wait at the aisle, the wedding party, the bride, etc. The videographer will also be there at the reception, to shoot the first dance, all the family members coming together as one, tossing the bouquet, cutting the cake or more.
Inputs and suggestions
You can get specific instructions from the videographer, which will make every shot more special for the two of you. When you choose a skilled and professional wedding videographer Italy, you can be directed to act and pose in specific ways that will make your shots more romantic. It will be possible for you to get your destination wedding Italy memories captured in high definition clarity, and you will love to relive them over and over again.