If you are thinking of getting married in Italy and you are worried about how to capture each moment of your wedding, then wedding photography and videography by Emanuele Mura is the best option in the world. They have countless successful wedding videography and have happy customers. Emanuele is the best wedding videographer in Italy. The meaning of wedding is like a “Two persons meet and decided to live their life with each other and share everything with respect to their life.” Every human wants to make their wedding’s day very special, for this they booked the best videographer for their wedding day. Every one wants luxurious and dream destinations on their wedding especially in Italy.

Italy is considered as one of the best places in the world for tourist attractions and best for weddings destination. There is the number of wedding video graphing companies, but Emanuela mura do most of the best successful videography, ura because he captures the soul. Italy is full of colors of nature. They have numerous wedding places like the classical castle, Romeo and Juliet place, hill views and waterside gran hotels. Italy is full of best wedding menus they also have La foce, Villa cenitale, Villa centignano, Borgo stomennano, Villa cimbrone, Villa gamberaia and many more. Italy has many places, but the best and most comfortable are mention above. In Italy wedding hotels and villas there are privileged services like massages, ironing, and staff availability. They also have rolling hills, olives, vineyards, cypress trees, and the view of horizon which will add more luxurious on your wedding day. List of villas are Castello di celsa, Castello di casole, Castello di mondanella, Castello di vincigliata, Castello la leccia, Castello del naro, lI palagio, Castello di gabbiano, Castello di odescalchi these are the best wedding villas in Italy. These villas add best memorable moments to the best day of your life.

If we talk about best wedding videographer in Tuscany, then we heard mostly one word by people “Emanuele Mura world’s best videographer.” This man believes in quality resolution and best services, so he has not believed in capturing the millions of videos. Emanuele Mura wedding films can suggest you a detail of your video and how to act and pose on your wedding day. Emanuele Mura wedding films have awarded by WEVA It Awards 2018 “Winner in Category BEST WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS.”

Well, not be overdramatic and say that Emanuele Mura is the best videographer in the world, but it won’t be wrong to say that Emanuele Mura is one of the best videographers in the world. But you must be thinking why do you even need a professional videographer, why can’t your brother or your friend who knows how to use a camera shoot your wedding as well? Well, your question is quite justified, if he knows how to make a video with a camera, he should be qualified to be a destination wedding videographer. But things are quite different from this.

Just because someone knows how to operate a camera does not mean that he/she can become a wedding videographer in Italy. Weddings are much more complex events to shoot.

Why do you need a professional destination wedding videographer?

Only a professional videographer how complex a wedding is to shoot. It is not just an event for two people, rather it is an event for every guest, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the kids and all the other people that are there at the wedding. Everyone is important, and they need to be in the wedding video. Especially in Italy, where weddings are a mega event, and a country which is so full of culture and colors, the best wedding video would be the one that captures all these colors and depicts these cultures in their purest forms.

Now would a layman, knowing only about the play and click a button of the camera, would be able to capture each and every moment of the wedding, the chances are very vague and well that’s a big risk to take. So that’s why you need a professional destination wedding videographer, especially for a place as beautiful as Italy, you just cannot miss the beautiful views and the most fairy tale wedding videos.

Your wedding is the biggest party of your life, and there is not going to be a party like this, so make it worth the while and let  Emanuela Mura capture your moments for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

You Can visit his website to see some of the most beautiful wedding videos that he has captured and created so far.

Destination weddings in Italy

Well, how can you not want to click the beauty if Italy, it’s just a mesmerizing country with the most beautiful sceneries that I have ever seen? And what’s even more beautiful than that, weddings. Destination weddings have been always been his favorite to shoot. Being a destination wedding videographer, over the years, he has created some of the most beautiful and the best wedding video Italy, simply because Italy has so much scenery and beauty to offer.

What should you expect from Emanuela Mura?

Well, first of all, you should be expecting the best videography Italy, and I ensure you that you will get that. Emanuela Mura has a very unique way of working. He understands that weddings are a very personal event and having a stranger around clicking your pictures can sometimes become very uncomfortable for some people. Keeping that in mind he makes sure that he remains transparent in the wedding, he is there but you will not notice a camera just poking in between the event. He works quietly, without disturbing the guests. For him, it’s about capturing the moments in their purest form, rather than just making people stand in front of a camera straight and get a picture.

As you would see in his wedding videos Italy that he sees the smiles, the laughter and the most important candid moments of the loved ones in the event. While the bride and the groom remain his major focus, the guests are also given equal importance, because only these moments make the best wedding video and that’s what he aims for.

So, he will be there for you, but you will hardly notice him, and he won’t mind that.

How would your final wedding video look like?

A wedding video Italy must have two things, one the beauty of the destination and second the beauty of the wedding itself. And these are what Emanuela Mura focuses on while making the best wedding video in Italy. For most of the wedding videographers, the only important moments are the moments like the bride and groom’s entrance, the first kiss, the walking down the aisle and some other major moments like these. However, while these moments are the most important moments of a wedding, the rest of the memories cannot be ignored either. The bride’s mother’s teary eyes filled with joy, the father letting her daughter go, and the all the people, the loved ones who have gathered to bless the couple with good wishes, their smiles and their laughter actually make up the real best wedding video.

So, after years when you see your wedding video you will see how happy everyone was and how beautiful day it was. So, with all the beauty that nature has to offer, either it is in the beautiful skies, or in the beautiful smiles, everything is captured and a wedding video just like a fairy tale is made ready for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

Emanuela Mura is amongst the top destination wedding videographer in Italy, so if you are looking for the best wedding video Italy, you should be working with Emanuela Mura only, because only he knows how to capture your story, and how to make it special for you.

How much it would cost?

Before you make a final decision, of course, you should know about the cost of the complete wedding videography in Italy. On average the price remains around $2000. However, for different people, depending on the budget and the requirements, it ranges between $1500 to $4000.

The price changes depending on how big the event is, how many cameras would be needed, how many guests are there at the destination wedding Italy, and of course the quality of the wedding video Italy. Since Emanuela Mura provides with high HD quality, the prices of the quality remain fixed.

Why choosing a professional destination wedding videographer should be your top priority?

Well, most people make the mistake of keeping videography at the least priority, and it is left for the end to handle. But you must realize that you will forget the food, you will forget how the chairs were put, but these two, three hours of your life are not coming back, and you just cannot miss them. They must be captured to be kept safe for the rest of your lives because only your wedding video can bring the spark back to your marriage even after 50 years, so keep these moments saved and make wedding videography as your top priority.

So that’s all about Emanuela Mura. He is, by no doubt, amongst the best wedding videographers in the world and will produce the best wedding video Italy for you. So, don’t wait and talk to him about bookings.