Wedding Videographer Tuscany – Kyra  / Jason 

From Germany with love arrived Kyra and Jason, a very enthusiastic and exciting couple who decided to celebrate their wedding in Tuscany, Italy. As anyone on his Wedding day, they wanted everything to be perfect, so they have chosen Emanuele Mura Wedding Films to care about their video memories and Elisa Conti, an Italian Wedding planner to care for the rest of the details.
After a long time dedicated to the choice and the attention to each detail, as Wedding Videographer Tuscany, the bride and groom have chosen Borgo “I Tre Baroni”, a breathtaking location in the heart of Tuscany. This place makes everyone dream and believes in dreams: the same did Kyra and Jason, with their family and guests from Canada, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, and Italy. Their personalized promises of forever were so sincere and exciting, that only the tender music by Betty DJ Staff could complete them at that moment.
Every Wedding is a new unrepeatable challenge for me: the story that I see in front of me maybe not so real, pure, intensive, and exciting through the cameras. Creating real videography is an art: just a professional Wedding Videotographer is able to capture and express emotions, gestures, feelings, and magic moments that can be filled only in live mode. My days shooting with the bride and groom were very excited for me, because they managed to share with me and with everyone around their love and happiness.
Thank you, Kyra and Jason, for choosing Wedding Videographer Tuscany: you made a great choice, as in this way you took care of your precious memories.

Planning: Italian Wedding Affair

Location: Borgo I Tre Baroni

Photography: Simone Sechi – Sinxphotography

Celebrant: Costanza Bonelli – Magical Vows

Music: Betty Dj Staff

FlowersLa gardenia

Makeup & Air: Giulia Ceccherini