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Wedding is no ordinary occasion, you have dreamt of it since a long time and now, the time has arrived! You have been planning for your wedding attire, decorations, menu and the location and yes, it’s been a bit hectic. However one thing you definitely should not miss out on, is looking for the best videographer Italy. Well, your dream wedding moments need to be filmed perfect, you would certainly want to go through your wedding videos later in life to experience those special moments again, don’t you? It is therefore very significant that you get all those emotions and celebrations filmed by a committed videographer.

Wedding films Italy can make your wedding special for sure. You would have expressed all your feelings and sentiments on your wedding day, you never know! It would be a very busy day for you, so you have all the chances of missing out on joyous moments shared by your friends and the celebrations your relatives enjoyed. A wedding videographer Italy can make sure all those moments are filmed for you to go through later.

Emanuele Mura Wedding Films

Emanuele Mura Wedding Films can shoot your wedding videos with temperament, originality and energy. I, Emanuele Mura, assure full value for your money. I love shooting wedding videos and experience happiness when you are satisfied with my films. Call me for your wedding videos in Italy!



Are you planning to get married?

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Planning an elopement Tuscany wedding?

You are on the right page!!

Elopement Weddings- what’s different?

Elopement weddings are like any other weddings, except that they are planned hurriedly. An elopement wedding will generally be due in a month or two, from the date it is planned. As a wedding requires extensive planning and arrangements, things are going to be a little hectic for elopement weddings. However if your guest list is not a lengthy one, you could go easy.

While elopement means running away, in the recent times, elopement wedding literally means, a quickly planned wedding due shortly.

Elopement Tuscany Wedding

If you are planning an elopement Tuscany wedding, you must be appreciated for your taste! Tuscany is a great place with luxury hotels, villas and cottages all over the place. You get all the facilities required for a wedding, and what’s more! The exotic locations provide wonderful opportunity to make lasting memories!! However you need to hire a good, committed wedding videographer Tuscany.

I, Emanuele Mura shoot elopement Tuscany wedding videos and ensure they are just right for you. Just let me know the date and venue and relax! I will get in touch with you to know what kind of personality you are and what exactly you expect of me. I always strive to exceed your expectations. I am fully equipped with all the latest cameras and other tools required for filming quality videos, so, for me, a short notice doesn’t make much difference!