Audrey / Riccardo

“You and I were meant to be. You are my world.”

The world is a big place and being able to see true love being lived all over the world is a true blessing. Being apart of Audrey and Riccardo’s elopement in Switzerland was a very unique experience for me as a wedding videographer. The day began with a view that was simply stunning for this wedding video in Switzerland. The Swiss mountains rose above standing tall as if they had gotten ready to attend this Swiss Wedding.

They say that when it comes to true love nothing matters. Not age, not color and definitely not location. And every once in a while there is a story that is so strong that it seems to defy all other believes that we all have about love. This story is about a very special elopement in Switzerland. Audrey and Riccardo’s Swiss wedding.

It also has been said that destiny is something that you can not run from and that all things that are meant to be will always find a way to be. The road that Audrey and Riccardo took as a couple to reach their elopement in Switzerland today is a very unique one. Their story began in an unconventional way. They weren’t high school sweethearts or next door neighbors. In fact, they didn’t even live in the same country. They were two souls that were two worlds apart. Riccardo was from Italian descent and Audrey was from French. They were a love story bound to happen.

The day started with Audrey scribbling down in a journal, vows of love for their Swiss wedding. The setting was just as unique as our couple. The room had an oriental feel to it and it was dimly lit to perfection, creating a beautiful moment for their wedding video in Switzerland. It was if the day was awakening with each word that Audrey wrote.

Dressed casually Audrey and Riccardo took a walk along one of the most beautiful places on earth. They both wore comfortable beige boots making their walk careless. Audrey wore a long black dress that seemed to dance in the wind each time a breeze awoke. While Riccardo wore a light brown hat, grey-white shirt, and casual pants.

They held hands and shared moments of pure love. The look in their eyes was all captured in their wedding video in Switzerland. They took everything in and made the day truly about their love. There were gestures of pure love when Riccardo placed Audrey’s jacket on so that she would be warm. Moments of pure happiness were shared in a still manner as they placed a blanket on the grass, laid down and they let the sun caress their skin.

They exchanged the vows they had prepared for each other surrounded by beautiful scenery. There were mountains in the back, fresh green grass and a lake that mirrored the mountains creating a stunning moment for their wedding video in Switzerland. An emotional Riccardo stood in front of Audrey at their Swiss wedding about to recite his wedding vows.

“The first time I left Italy it was to a year-long experience abroad, then return to my life in Arezzo. Everything changed when I met you. You are the reason why I am the man I am today.” Riccardo

Audrey followed his beautiful vows with her words of love.
“Mon, Chouchou, tidying everything I want to tell you is not easy. I think the first thing I liked was your smile. A smile so warm, so sincere and so shy. How can I resist? I will never put on paper the love I feel for you because it is indescribable.

They each recited their vows in their own language. Riccardo in Italian, and Audrey in French. The way the languages changed from one to another was a play on words that made their elopement in Switzerland a truly unique moment. May their love grow and their lives be as rich in spirit as it was at their Swiss wedding. In Audrey’s words, it truly is clear that these two were meant to be.