With the evolution of filming technology and techniques, it is now possible for wedding videographers to shoot a video in different styles. Know about some of the best trends that are used these days by wedding videographer Italy.

The Engagement Shoot

This trend has been in vogue for some year now. Wedding videographer in Italy combines photos and video clips of the couple-to-be-wedded in casual dresses. This type of shoot also focuses on all those things that are of high visual significance to the marriage. Couples can consequently include a short movie of the engagement shoot along with the invitations for the wedding, to draw more excitement and interest of the guests.

Cinematic Style

This one is extremely concise in form, and you never feel inclined to fast forward parts of it to get to the sections that are more appealing. Lots of wedding videographers today make use of film making techniques to create wedding videos that look like a movie, and have conversations, characters and plot lines. They also use the favorite music and songs of the couple, to help depict a story of love and add some drama to the overall video. This helps make the video look more like a cinema rather than a simple documentary of all the events.

Streaming Video

Some videographers also offer Streaming videos as well as other enjoyable services such as wedding videos in iPod-format, as slideshows or in the form of multimedia. These are loved by many couples today, and can allow people to watch a destination wedding Italy event from any part of the world at any time that they want.

Integrated films and photos

This one offers a multimedia experience. It is a nice way to add texture to videos with the help of snapshots. The shots might be improved to look like 3D, and often show more things in just a few seconds than a 3-hour film. While editing and creating the final cut of the video, various things are added to make it more engaging, such as:

  • Childhood photos of the couple
  • Bridal party
  • Preparations
  • Photos from pre-wedding events
  • Old family snapshots
  • Photos of the couple

Same-Day Edit

This is another exciting advancement in the field of video production, and many professional wedding videographers use it. It is used to highlight all the events of the wedding day, which may be presented on the same day at the wedding reception.