Judith  / Harald

“Looking back, I think it was actually that moment before our very first date when I saw you walking towards me with all your beauty, your blond hair and your big beautiful smile. I wanted to kiss you right there and then. And that’s when I first fell in love with you”. Vows from our groom captured by the wedding videographer in Tuscany.

It has been said that rain on your wedding day represents a richness in the future brides and grooms life together. One might think that bad weather is a sign of unfortunate luck but it is quite the opposite. In some cultures rain on your wedding day brings with it good luck and it symbolizes fertility and cleansing. For our wedding video in Castello Meleto, the day began with rain and thunder for Judith and Harald. As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, there were plenty of moments to capture for this beautiful wedding video in Tuscany.

Our wedding video in Tuscany is set in beautiful Castello Meleto where the surroundings all add up to create the perfect dream scene for the creation of wedding videography in Italy. Its property stretches out as far as the eye can see. This wedding video in Tuscany is nestled in the heart of one of the most beautiful scenes any newlywed couple could wish for. The yard is aligned in perfect diagonal harmony with a pool that gives off a blue hue of a liquid dream to this wedding video in Tuscany.

For Judith and Harald the way the day began did not affect the way the day unfolded and this is any wedding videographers in Italy’s dream. A truly happy couple. In a mix of pure emotions of love and real fun, the day was perfectly balanced. With words of appreciation from the best men, from best friends, and many of the guests, the couple was praised for their love and for their journey so far. There were two bridesmaids as well, that read their words in unison aloud for all to hear. It was a day of true celebration. From tears of love, strong emotions to dancing the night away under the twinkle lights outdoors, this day was truly perfect.

The bride was in perfect harmony with the celebration. Emanating a joy so pure that it made it easy for this wedding videographer in Tuscany to capture and immortalize everything. She wore a beautiful lace gown that was elegant. The dress had a v-line for both the front decollete and a deeper v-line for the back. The straps were made up of little flowers just as like those applied on the wedding dress. Her makeup was as natural as they come, making her look pure. The best and most highlighted part of her makeup was her smile. Her hair was curled lightly and let loose to fall naturally on her shoulders, courtesy of Ursula Spicchiaioli. Judith wore a rhinestone hairpiece that was made of little flowers. Her accessories were made of a simple necklace and a diamond bracelet. Her nails were a shade of pale pink-nude. Her bridal bouquet was a dream that any wedding videographer in Italy would appreciate the color scheme it had. From red, purple, blue, yellow and green, Stiatti Fiori managed to create a beautiful bridal bouquet.

The flowers the bride carried matched the flowers our groom carried on his chest. Harald was just as emotional as the bride and this was very visible and palpable on their wedding video in Tuscany. He carried his emotions on this face and shared beautiful words of love to his bride. He was the definition of a true gentleman for this wedding videographer in Tuscany. He wore a light gray suit with a vest. His shirt was white and his tie and handkerchief were dark blue with small embroidering on it that was visible only when the light touched his tie. His accessory was a silver watch.

The celebration continued into the night and the weather changed in their favor allowing the party to commence outdoors making their wedding video in Castello Meleto a beautiful memory that they will have for the rest of their lives. The photographic moments of joy and smiles were captured by Vincenzo Errico while all the guest danced to the band, Fixthemusic.com. All the details that make for a great wedding video in Italy were created by the wedding planners at Il Cerimoniere Italian Weddings.

They say you can’t adjust the wind, but you can adjust the sails. This wedding video in Tuscany was a perfect example of how nothing matters, not rain nor thunder when there is love and true hearts are present. To Judith and Harald, a beautiful couple that was surrounded by family, true friends that clearly love them and most importantly their love for one another. A love that is clear at the ending of this wedding video in Tuscany of the couple sharing a kiss.

Planning: Il Cerimoniere Italian Weddings

Location: Castello Di Meleto

Photography: Vincenzo Errico

Music: FixTheMusic.com

Flowers: Stiatti Fiori

Makeup & Air: Ursula Spicchiaioli