Best Wedding Venues in Tuscany

Among all the days of one’s lives, usually, the wedding day tends to be on the top few of the very special days. The wedding day denotes that first day of a lifetime of promising to be with each other. So, every couple wants to celebrate that day with their friends and family. And what can become even more important in making this special day more memorable- is having a beautiful venue. And a videographer who will record this day for you carrying every bit of emotion, reflecting your unique love. Tuscany in recent times has become quite popular for destination weddings, courtesy of the beautiful, natural scenery, especially a place like Val d’Orcia. So, whether Tuscany is your hometown or you have chosen this wonderful location for a destination wedding- these are the best wedding venues Tuscany.

1. Villas

If you have chosen a villa as your wedding venue, there are really numerous options around Tuscany.

The Resort at Val d’Orcia

This resort is perfect for an intimate wedding with the closest friends and family. Along with an accommodation of 6 apartments, a reception area for 200 people, the historic estate also offers a marvelous view of the Val d’Orcia, the surrounding lake, and hills- locations worthy of staying alive in your wedding album forever.

Country House

A medieval hamlet at the heart of the Tuscan countryside is also another great venue for a relaxed, intimate wedding. The farm homes not only offer a unique experience, but there are also other activities included, such as horseback riding, wine tasting or a trip to nearby locations.

Historical Villa

If you desire a quaint yet classy, elegant country wedding, this historical villa built in the 1400s, with a formal Italian garden and a splendid view of the countryside of Val d’orcia will be your perfect venue.

2. Castles

If you are planning on a grand celebration, a castle might suit your dream wedding. It will also offer a great opportunity for excellent videography.

Luxury Castle at Brunello Vineyards

One of the best wedding venues Tuscany, this castle that was built in the middle ages offers both inside and outside seating of 100+ guests along with exquisite wine and culinary experience.

Fairytale Castle

Another one of the beautiful castles that have been restored as luxury hotels, this grand historical castle will give both you and your guests a magical experience. Shooting your wedding video in this castle can give you the ultimate fairytale feeling to your wedding, as a great videographer venue Tuscany.

3. Hotels

There are also luxurious hotels you can choose.

Montalcino Hotels

There are many hotels in Montalcino such as Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, Castello di Velona Resort that are all perfect for a great view and great wedding.

The Castelnuovo Berardenga Hotels

All of these five-star hotels are indeed among the best wedding venues Tuscany.

Therefore, with so many locations around Tuscany, you really are spoiled for choice. Any of these beautiful locations right at the heart of the lascivious scenic beauty of Tuscany, as the backdrop of your wedding photos, wedding video would enhance your magical, once in a lifetime experience- because it will remain as an inseparable part of your very special day to be perfect and emotionally captured by one of the best videographer Tuscany.

A wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life and Emanuele Mura is here to produce an emotional and entertaining film that the couple can enjoy for years to come. He is very much interested in capturing the small details of your day, the story that shows your love and a great bond. Weddings are one those events that should be immortalized in the most clear and vivid way possible. And especially if the wedding is taking place between the picturesque landscapes of Italy. Talking about Italian wedding, the first thing which comes to every couples mind is a wedding in Tuscany. Away from the cities and towns, Tuscany’s farmhouses are equally enticing with their olive groves and endless rows of vines, growing the Sangiovese grapes used in the area’s unmatchable wines. With outdoor venues, you can say ‘I do’ while gazing out on to the hills, along with the castles you’ll find nestled in the Chianti hills. Unobtrusively capturing all the details that make you wedding unique, Emanuele Mura videography creates a compelling visual story of the moments that matter most to you. Artistically, composing the movie, he connects with the personalities of the couples to fill their films with emotion, meaning and atmosphere. If you want your film to be full of creativity, fun and emotion, contact Emanuele Mura for your wedding anywhere in Italy.

Best wedding venues Florence

The word “wedding” has a lot of sentiments attached to it; the new promises made, the jiffies sojourned together with your loved ones, reminiscing all the past days that you have spent with your partner, the dressing up, the catching up of long lost friends, everything just comes together to fill in the missing slots of the perfect memory board. To make this occasion even more exceptional, we are here with a few of the best wedding venues in Florence, Italy:

Villa Cora:

This villa is located in the heart of the city Florence and the wedding ceremony can take place in the Sfingi garden; with splendid hospitality services to make your job a little easier. With widespread gardens and lawns, Villa Cora is one of the most beautiful spots that create an atmosphere of the Baroque age and contributes in making your wedding day one of the best days in your life.

Castello Di Vincigliata:

Located amidst the hills of Fiesole, the view that it offers of the city to its guests from the terrace is enough to take their breath away! Considered as one of the best wedding venues in Florence, the place with the gardens and courtyard lets you experience the fruits of nature in their sweetest forms; this spot also comes with an added advantage of providing a gorgeous backdrop for the stunning wedding photographs with the magnificent sunsets, olive groves, vineyards and the quintessential atmosphere for hosting a party in the evening.

Villa Le Fontanelle:

Situated in North Florence, the villa serves you with their best rooms and areas for a comfortable experience of the wedding couple and their guests. From organizing the wedding in the church that belongs to the property to arranging the dinner and cocktail under the secular trees and canopy, they have got the whole arrangement covered.

Why choose a wedding videographer:

Apart from the above-mentioned spots, the wedding can take place in any part of the city because the best wedding venues in Florence’s every nook and corner has only beauty and serendipity to offer you. The lush greenery, colorful hues of fresh budding flowers and the weather, all adds up to make it the perfect destination. But imagine not capturing this scene and all the invaluable moments that will always remain ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. Handover this task to a wedding photographer while you take a seat with your family and live every fleeting moment. The videographers specialize in capturing all the moments secretly without coming in your way of merriment and then all these separate tapes are combined together to create one single film. The perks of having a videographer is that you can relive the moments experienced at that point again and again and go through all the reactions of your guests through the festivities. Assigning a professional videographer will also make the video presentable by adding music, voiceover, speed, and filters that will have a better appeal to your senses. Also, you can share this video on the social media platforms with all your guests who were present for the function and those who were not able to attend it, unfortunately. All of this above will be presented to you by a single videographer at the most affordable rates, to know more visit .

Best Wedding Venues Italy

The location of your marriage reception and ceremony has a great impact on the overall arrangement of the most special day of your life. If you are planning to host your wedding at Val D’Orcia, Italy; you can find several amazing locations to choose from.

The selection of wedding venue speaks about your personality and style; hence, it is important to be more careful about selection. Whether you are interested in soft rolling hills, want to enjoy city wedding, wish to enjoy memorable time at countryside or just need an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city; it is easier to choose a unique venue at Italy. We understand that a wedding ceremony is one of the most special occasions for everyone’s life. We are here to help you choose the best arrangements for the day to make it more wonderful.

Some of the best wedding venues in the area are listed below to ensure memorable time on your d-day; you can book any of these as per your choice:

Rustic Wedding Hamlet:

Rustic Hamlet is located at a beautiful location in the countryside with a large-sized villa and adjacent farm buildings that ensure cozy stay arrangement for all guests on your wedding day. The apartments can accommodate more than 78 guests with ease whereas the restaurant court can accommodate 50 to 110 guests. This best wedding venue Italy can be booked for both Catholic and civil wedding ceremonies.

Rustic Wedding Borgo:

This 800-years old wonderful venue has stunning scenery for a memorable wedding ceremony. You will be happy to hear that, this venue is located at a close distance from Montalcino, Montepulciano, and Pienza as well. The adjacent stone farmhouses and the luxurious villa provides an outstanding ambiance along with an idyllic frame for romantic wedding celebrations. This venue at the hills of Tuscany can accommodate 60 to 80 guests with ease. Along with catchy scenery, you can also find the Catholic church at this best wedding venue Italy.

Romantic Wedding Villa:

This romantic villa is located on the hills of Pienza, and it is known for the stunning views with private and silent surroundings. The apartments at this venue can be rented for three nights minimum, and they have comfortable accommodation arrangement for 30 people. The internal service providers will ensure proper management of events along with a meal and fresh wines. This private, silent, romantic and scenic place is suitable for symbolic ceremonies. Your guests will love the stunning views at this best wedding venue Italy.

There is no doubt to say that the first most need for organizing a memorable d-day is to choose an attractive venue, but it is equally important to have the best videographer Italy to capture all memorable moments. These professionals are trained to capture the best clicks from stunning locations so that your wedding ceremony can come memorably for all guests as well. Once you find the videographer venue Italy, you can rely on their services to keep things well organized for the day.

Best Wedding Venues Lake Como

Lake Como is a quaint place under the foothills of the Alps mountains, situated in Northern Italy’s Lombardy regions. Famous for the stunning natural beauty, Lake Como is a quite popular locale for wedding ceremonies. Couples who can afford a location wedding and want to marry in a place far away from the din and bustle of city life favour the best wedding venues Lake Como. Lake Como offers resort experience, luxury cruise on the lake and many more! It has a perfect combination of the urban luxuries that you cannot do without and a feel of the primitive and rustic!

Lake-Side Hotels

If you think that location weddings may be a little problematic because you will have to move so many things out of the city you live in to maybe another country. Worry no more, there are many deluxe palatial hotels where you can check in with you family and the family of your would be spouse. Once you have brought over the essentials that you need for your wedding, you are all set for a smooth ceremony because there will be a lot of organisations helping you with the best services.

Villas as the Marriage Locations

If you are looking for best wedding venues Lake Como, it will probably be hard to choose because there are so many! There are several villas in the Lake Como areas which will not only give you a period experience, but will definitely make you feel royal. Villa d’Este is one of the most famous villas in lake Como,  perhaps because George Clooney owns its neighbourhood land, but mostly it is appreciated because of the high fecilities and privacy it provides. Most villas near the lake Como has helipads so if you have important guests who will fly in, you will not have to worry at all. The villas have bowers, piers and wonderful gardens where you can experience the most precious moments of your life. From villa d’Este to villa Dell balbianello to villa carlotta to villa pizzo, villa erba, all these venues will offer you a taste of the bucolic life that you will not experience anywhere else in the city. The advantages of getting married in the Lake Como area is that the villas have fecilities from catering services to decoration services that will help you organise your wedding without much ado. After all, planning a wedding is a huge responsibility and you will need as much help as you can get!

Lake Cruises

The lake cruises are wonderful way to spend your post-wedding times either with your spouse alone or with your families. Most of the best wedding venues Lake Como offer luxury cruises where you can spend quality time with your spouse sailing through the lake, looking at the Alps.

To keep the memories of your wedding in Lake Como living forever also in other places than your heart, you will need a videographer. If you are looking for videographer venue Lake Como or best videographer lake Como, you will not be disappointed at all, because videographing your wedding is the best way to make your wedding even more memorable!

Best wedding venues Val D’orcia

Weddings are always special and the ecstatic moments experienced are etched in our hearts forever; they become the priceless blocks of memory that we do not wish to trade in return of any pleasure in the world. Two people who are in love with and fond of each other unite in the presence of their family and friends to seek their blessings for their journey ahead; and to make this make this affair even more eloquent and indelible, a stunning location and an ace videographer is all you need. Val D’orcia, located in Tuscany, Central Italy is one such exquisite site that offers various stunning venues for your wedding day. Listed down below are some of the best wedding venues in Val D’orcia:

Villa Magi:

The villa came into being in the early 20th century and is known for its beauty, style, and elegance that will suit your sophisticated taste. Apart from being a brilliant architectural piece, it has within its premises large green parks with tall shadowy trees adding to its magnificence. To experience your wedding in the best Italian tradition, book the villa now!

Bichi Borghesi:

Studded with Italian style stable, parks, lawns and gardens, Bichi Borghesi is the perfect location for your dream wedding. There is a room with a collection of photographs that were taken during the early 20th century and each tells a story themselves that make it all the more special. The place oozes heritage and culture with each of its breath and adds these tinges to your wedding as well. You can take the responsibility for the events and catering in your hands and plan a theme that suits the ambiance of the place to make it more interesting. There are parish churches and pretty abbeys situated only a few kilometers away from the destination where the wedding ceremony can take place.

Villa Di Catignano:

Situated in one of the prime spots of the countryside, this villa is away from the regular hustle-bustle of the town and serves you with a comfortable respite from the busy life. This historical masterpiece lets you experience the atmosphere of old historical centuries, with their best hospitality services at your disposal. The open terraces, gardens, surrounding hills and spectacular views are a treat to the sore eyes. The landlord owns a private chapel where the wedding can be hosted and the lunch and the following events can take place in the villa itself.

IL Convento Di Monte Pozzali:

This place gives you the feeling of being straight out of a 20th-century movie with the open green fields and castle-like architecture because it previously existed as a monastery. The estate lets you enjoy the beauty of the countryside and there is no way you will be able to hold yourself from falling in love with bounties of nature while enjoying the wedding festivities.

To complement the alluring wedding venues in Val D’orcia, you need a wedding videographer. They will create a life-long memory album that will capture and preserve all the moments that you would have otherwise missed. They can make your wedding look like a dream in reality with the creative techniques and a copy of which you can share with your friends and family. Your search ends here, visit to hire the best in business.

Best wedding venues Positano:

Weddings count as one of the most special days in our lives; the presence of everyone who we have considered indispensable so far in our journey are all gathered together to shower their blessings for the road ahead. This experience can be made more special by choosing a beguiling venue for the wedding festivities and a videographer to do justice to the aesthetic scenery and unparalleled evocations for the happening. In the following bit, we have tried to note down for you the reasons for considering the best wedding venues in Positano.

The town is a Cliffside village on southern Italy’s Amalfi coast that opens its way to the most beautiful coastline that guarantees a destination of sheer beauty and magnificence.  This city apart from its picturesque qualities has a very glamorous side to it. If chosen as a destination for your wedding, remain convinced that when you leave the place after finishing with all the events and functions, your heart will only be filled with sweet memories and soothing effects of nature’s respite. The city falls under the top ten best cities around the world and rightfully so. This jewel provides you with the most epic sunsets that you will ever experience in your life and to top it off is the omissible charms of the weather that persists as reliable than the rest of Europe, especially in the summers. The spectacular views from your hotel rooms coupled with the variable cuisines that fall under one of their special services are too good to give a miss and the beach is never too far from your location. Confirming the best wedding venues in Positano as your wedding location will not only be like a breath of fresh air but also serve as a stunning backdrop for the occasion and not to mention that you will have stunning pictures to take back with you.

Why choose a wedding videographer:

There are so many facets to a wedding that becomes impossible for a person to cover in one single time; the arrays of emotions, the reactions, the surrounding with their perfect sounds cannot be attended all at the same time. Thus you need a wedding videographer who will make this task look like a cakewalk. An experienced videographer will add to the glitters and gorgeousness of the best wedding venues in Positano and will leave no stone unturned to film and curate the best scenes into one film, so that whenever you play the video next, you can go through the same joys and shivers like the ones that you experienced on the marriage spot. The professional with their latest techniques in videography will capture and portray the moments in a way that the whole scene will look like a chapter straight out of the fairytale! Assign the videographer with the task of covering the whole event while you sit back and enjoy the marvelous view and priceless experiences that Positano has to offer and sip on your champagne; and who better can serve your needs other than the best in business? Visit their website to find out the details and book now!