Valentina   /  Andrea – Wedding Video in Montelucci Tuscany

Plato is known to have said that “At a touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.” And just like that, the first verse of a beautiful love story began as the rain touched down on their wedding day in Montelucci Tuscany. A carpet of green stretched out as far as the eye could see, making this wedding videographer in Italy more than happy to be able to capture such a pure moment for our main protagonists, Valentina and Andrea.

Our day begins with emotions running through the air with a rush of energy that is felt all around by everyone. Especially emotions of love that show just how much Valentina and Andrea have invested in their epic fairy tale. A love story that creates a moment of pure perfection for a wedding videographer in Tuscany.

Our beautiful bride, Valentina, wore a stunning dress that was just as unique as the smile and careless freedom she carried herself on her wedding day. A vintage style v-neck embroidery flew all the way down on to the till ending of the dress as a charming, yet simple, one stone diamond necklace brought everything together. Her hair was all-natural, and it hung down in very natural waves. Valentina’s hair was dressed with a natural leaf crown. Her makeup was one with the scenery that surrounded us that day, pure and natural. A natural bride is a key piece to a beautiful wedding, and this is something that a wedding videographer in Italy wishes for.

Andrea, our epic groom, was as classical as any gentleman should be, especially on his wedding day, making for a unique groom for our wedding video in Tuscany. He wore a black suit with a crisp white shirt. The tie was the color of deep navy blue, and his shoes were black patent leather, giving off just the right amount of perfection. He wore a white flower on his chest and carried himself with joy, creating a perfect moment for this wedding videographer in Tuscany.

Valentina and Andrea shared words of love in front of all those that were there to share in their love and witness them begin one of the most significant celebrations of their love. These words of love that they shared in their wedding vows were brought in by a very special guest, a stunning golden retriever that wore a green ribbon with the vows attached to this collar. They smiled and laughed, and most importantly, they shed tears of happiness. As a wedding videographer in Italy, I can say with certainty that these two shared a look of pure expectancy that was clear in both their eyes.

With the ceremony done, and the emotions undone, they placed their simple and stunning wedding bands on each other’s fingers, and with this they promised a lifetime of dedication to one another. And with that, the celebration began, and everyone shared in on the wedding party with pure joy. There was dancing and having fun all through the night. A true declaration of love from everyone in their lives.

If one thing is clear about Valentina and Andrea’s wedding video in Tuscany it would be that with each smile that you share, with each moment of love that you give, and with each drop of rain that fell upon your love on your wedding day, may you always be reminded that happiness and wealth with following you wherever your road will lead the two of you.

Wedding Video in Montelucci, Italy


Welcome to the number one wedding video platform, this is a wedding video in Montelucci. To have a wedding videographer in Italy is one of the high and critical decisions. If you are in Italy and especially Tuscany and looking for a fantastic, outstanding, and well-experienced videographer, you are now in the right place. I am a man who has to experience in wedding videographer for several years.

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Hiring a wedding videographer Italy is a critical job, as I mentioned in the above sections. Lets us have a view of why to have a wedding videographer is essential for a new married couple.

How Important It Is To Have a Good Videographer for Wedding Day

Have a wedding video Tuscany means to hire a good videographer in Tuscany. And it is essential so that your beautiful and amazing memories at the wedding bring specialty to your life and you can watch these videos whenever you want. The questions which are mostly asked by the new couples who are getting married are whether they should hire a videographer at their wedding or not? Most of the people are confused. We recommend hiring a videographer on these occasions is one of the good and the significant decisions to relieve your moments whenever you want. Following are the critical points and the reasons describing the importance of the videographer at your wedding:

  • Relive Your Memories

The first, primary and the foremast reasons and importance behind hiring a good videographer at a wedding are to relive your memories. As getting marriage are one of the fantastic and the great dream of all of you. Hiring a good videographer at the wedding is a priceless benefit. You have the chance to make precious memories on your wedding day. Your anniversaries will be unique and high if you watch your wedding video.

  • You Will Get The Chance To See The Moments That Might Be Missed.

Another important and the great benefit of hiring a good videographer at a wedding is to watch the moments that you might have missed at your wedding because of the business or some other outstanding job. Surely if you are busy at your wedding, then there are so many things that happened, and you missed that all. You and your spouse will miss all of the memories and the actual moments of your day. In this case, hiring the best videographer is a fantastic idea to see all of the critical moments. You can see the entire moments and can see your parents, relatives, and siblings that are very happy at your wedding.

  • Creating A Family Heirloom

To hire a videographer is actually to create a family heirloom for your future. Your children have a chance to attend the marriage ceremony of their parents, and it is a moment of pleasure for you. Your future families have the opportunity to see the beautiful moments of your life. So, having a good video of your wedding is a valuable gift for you and your family.

  • You Have The Chance To Share The Videos With The People.

Having a video of your wedding is a great chance to share the video with those who do not make it. It is the case when your closets and family members are unable to attend your wedding ceremony. And the video is a witness of your special day for everyone eager for your wedding. So to have a fantastic video allows your loved ones to feel just as they were there at that time and hence is the emotional and the pleasure moment for you.

  • Have A Chance To Record Your Music, Vows, And Toasts

There are the emotional scenes, including the vows and the music that can’t be captured by using a photograph camera. Having a good video is a way to see the emotions and promises of your spouse and relatives. The same is the case while the toasts of the reception. Your videographer will record the video of you and your family reactions, which is a fantastic idea for all of us. Moreover, a videographer will add the music and the toasts according to the scene and the moment, which enhances the memories and emotions of all.

Final Thoughts

The above discussion shows that having a good videographer is excellent, and the main job you must perform is capturing the moments. And to hire a wedding videographer, Italy is more important as well. So, hire the right person just as I am and save your time, energy, and money beneficially because of getting a professional and experienced videographer in Tuscany. I am a storyteller of the sounds, emotions, and thoughts while you’re beautiful and the great. So, if you want to have a chance to have a great wedding video in Tuscany and Italy, then contact me and feel free to ask any quarries, I am here at every time to serve you.

Planning: Emily Wedding Planner

Location: Montelucci Country Resort Spa

Photography: Ginevra Terenzi

Music: Omero & Friends