Laura  / Giancarlo

Everything that takes you by surprise in life always seems to begin in a clear blur. A blur that is the element of surprise and today for our destination wedding in Sardinia we found just that. Our scene is set with beautiful surroundings that are clear waters in our background that seems to glitter as the waves slowly come to life. As the image of our main focus of the day begins to clear up and solidified our bride, Laura appears.

As a wedding videographer in Sardinia, I can easily state that the bride and groom were filled with emotions about the day that was about to begin. A father walking his daughter down the aisle towards the man that she will spend the rest of her life with.  An emotional groom, a tear in the eye of our bride and words of love and life from a very wise priest about the road they are about to embark on together.

The people they love surrounding them and living their emotions as if they were their own. All of this was almost palpable in our wedding video in Sardinia. An image of our beautiful bride hugging her grandmother and all the people that have been there for her and love her deeply. That is what a wedding videographer in Sardinia wants to see, pure love.

The bride could only be described as purely elegant. She wore a natural silk dress that flowed heavenly when she would move as if it was singing a song of love. The dress had an elegantly simple veil that went on beyond the dress giving Laura a distinct beauty that made this beautiful wedding in Sardinia memorable for all. The wedding gown had a decollete that was deep V and the dress hugged her waistline where a couple of 3D flowers were applicated making her silhouette even more amazing.

Laura’s hair was simple and elegant. It was in up-do that held her long wedding veil in place letting it fall in pure harmony. Her makeup was natural and beautiful, a soft smokey eye that was more on the nude side, courtesy of makeup artist Veronica Ulgheri.

Her wedding bouquet was a beautiful pale bouquet with a range of flowers and leafy greens were added to give the bouquet contour by the floral designer, Passepartout Sassari.

The groom was graceful and a little taken over once his bride came into sight. Giancarlo wore a classic black suit and a crisp white shirt. His haircut and beard were fresh giving him a distinguished gentleman like look. The key “du resistance” was the white tie that made him stand out. And the finishing touch was the small floral arrangement on his chest that matched that of the bride’s bouquet in the same pale and white colors. Everything added up making this wedding film in Sardinia simply perfect.

The day ended with a grand party where all the guests had fun and enjoyed themselves at this beautiful destination wedding in Sardinia. Confetti began to fall over the dance floor while the smiles of all the guests surrounded the bride and the groom with love and appreciation. Laura and Giancarlo shared a dance and a kiss while they were showered with love and confetti.

Our day ended with two hearts holding hands that had a solitary engagement ring and two simple wedding bands that symbolizes the love they have for each other. A love that will triumph time and will go on to be the day their beautiful destination wedding in Sardinia happened.

Location: Corte Rosada

Photography: Valeria Mameli

FlowersPassepartout Sassasi

Makeup & Air: Veronica Ulgheri