Intimate Elopement In Tuscany

Relive Those Precious Moments With A Wedding Film

If you are still in doubt as to whether you need to hire a videographer for your wedding the following points should certainly show you the reasons for that. There are no moments at your wedding that you can miss to remember.

Wedding videography in Tuscany is what is going to give you back all those moments. It will also give your guests a chance to see everything that happened.

Life’s Moments

Your wedding consists of moments that are most important to you in your life. You may not remember that your dad wiped away a tear when he danced with you. You may not remember the expression on your husband’s face when he saw you in your wedding dress. You don’t remember the way your mother looked at you proudly. To relive all these moments, you will need to get these all recorded by a videographer.

The Words And Sounds

Wedding videography in Tuscany is not just about capturing the sights. It is also about recording the various words that were spoken. There is also the highlight which can use things you say about each other. There are other sounds which will add quality to the wedding film.

Share With Your Relatives And Friends

You and your closest people may enjoy going through all the photos that are taken. But, your relatives and friends will not certainly have the patience to go through more than a thousand pictures. A highlight video which brings out the main events along with your moments with the relatives and friends will be interesting to them. You can share this short video with your friends, so they will also enjoy those few special moments.


After a few years, you will want to relive those precious moments. You may even want to share those moments with your kids. A wedding videography in Tuscany is the best way to do it. Sit down with it when you feel like seeing yourself on the lovely day and watch the videos. You can even watch selected sections of the video which you loved so much.

A Few Words Of Caution

Choose your videographer carefully. Understand what kind of videography he does. See if that is exactly what you want. See a few samples of his videos, which he will be glad to show you. check their blogs and Facebook pages to see what people say about them. More importantly, spend some time talking to him and see what your gut feeling is.

Things To Ask Your Videographer

Your Tuscany wedding is almost at the door and you are still looking for the best videographer. In the excitement of things, you may miss many of the moments. You need a good video to watch these moments later and remember those sweet moments. Choosing a good videographer is very important. You cannot afford not to record those precious moments.

When you are looking for the best person for your wedding videos, you should take care to ask them a few things to make sure you are getting the best one. Let us see a few questions to ask them.

The Filming Style

You should know the filming style of your videographer before you appoint them. You should watch a few samples of their videography to get an idea. There are two styles normally adopted for wedding videography.

The documentary style captures everything that is happening in an orderly way. These will be in long takes. This is almost like a home movie. While there may be a few who may like it, we would caution you that four-hour wedding videos aren’t the most exciting thing to watch.

The cinematic style of capturing the moments is the best. You have all the moments moving in a dynamic way in a fast-paced manner. This is the one you want.

The Highlights Video

You should find out what they will include in this short video. You may not want the whole wedding procedure in this. You may want some special things to appear in this video. Ensure to tell your videographer what all you want in the highlight video. He should know what not to miss adding in that.,

Do They Give The Full Cuts?

You should find out whether they will give the full cut of the whole wedding. If your videographer shoots cinematic style wedding videos, you may want to tell specifically that you want the full cuts too. This should include all the ceremonies, the speeches, and the full dance. Find out how much they will charge and discuss this in advance.

Low Light Photography

Find out from them whether they will be prepared for low-light filming. This is very important. There may be many moments that will happen in the ambient light of the venue. They may not get the chance to use extra lights. It is better for you to make it clear that they should come prepared. You don’t want to miss those side moments because there wasn’t enough light.

Planning: Nadia Nardi

Location: Badia di Campoleone Ristorante & Relais

Photography: The White Box

Flowers: Fioristi Sassoli – La gardenia

JewelsGraziella Group

Bride DressEleoLab

Makeup & Air: Giulia Ceccherini