As the wedding season approaches, so does the hassle of preparing for the big day. The most special day in people’s lives is their wedding day. The excitement, surrounded by friends and family alike, the memories and the stories of the Holy Matrimony. It is a thing well worth remembering. And what better way to relive and remember it, than to have it set in stone and recorded and stored for the memory to be cherished throughout the years. It is, after all, an unforgettable day in the lives of two souls in love.


Many beautiful couples choose to hold and celebrate their special day in Tuscany. And to have their moments captured by a Wedding Videographer Tuscany. That is because one of the most widely sought-after places as a wedding destination is Tuscany. Tuscany is one of the most suggestive places to film destination wedding Tuscany videos in Italy.


Having your wedding filmed in Tuscany is an experience like none other. The colors and the light in Tuscany are vibrant and beautiful. Foreign couples especially choose to favor the grand city of Florence. There are romance and passion in the air envelops the environment and marks the special occasion or two people beginning their new lives together. Have that memory etched into your mind by having it filmed by one of the best wedding videographer Tuscany. It makes for a very emotional moment.


For those of you who are considering tying the knots in Tuscany, it is very important to have someone who is your eyes and heart and helps you record every waking moment of your ceremony in the best ways possible. And who that wedding videographer ends up being can often be a very difficult choice to make. Here you will find some tips to guide you in choosing what the market has to offer. Searching for a wedding videography service will come easy to you after you know what to consider.


Let’s have a look:


Choosing Your Favorite Style


Just as any photographer, videographers also have their own style of filming. Set a tone that best matches your wedding. It will greatly help you narrow your search for a suitable wedding videographer Tuscany. Check on the internet, visit various online portfolios, and go through the works of different videographers portraying their works. There are many different styles in their work. Such styles include cinematic, contemporary, documentary, music montage, etc.


An example of the difference between would be that documentary style videos may include events in chronological order, without many special effects, whereas a cinematic film is generally more dramatic as if showing a movie. You will have to know these differences if you want the best videographer in Tuscany.


Decide Your Budget


Your budget itself is determined by many factors when looking for a wedding videographer. When looking for one, price is not the only thing that you consider. Even on a set budget, have the intention of choosing a videographer based on the quality of their work, among other things such as the services provided within the accumulated package. These things include but are not limited to pre-wedding shots, extra crew, and final album. Once you have written everything down, choose the best videographer in Tuscany accordingly.


Do Your Research


Choosing a videographer is just as important as choosing your photographer. Once you have decided upon a certain style of filming and your budget, start looking for wedding videographers in Tuscany who offer services that you are looking for. Ask your photographer, as they have likely worked with a videographer in the past on other events. They can provide necessary insight into fueling your decision. 


Review portfolios of videographers that you have in mind. Make sure to talk to people who have previously hired videographers, take referrals, and look for references. A good number of videographers post their works online for people to see, check them out. It will give you a clear idea of how their filming style works best for you and whether they can accomplish your vision of a magical day.




Once you have shortlisted a couple of videographers or have some in mind, it is not only important to view the work they show publicly but also ask about their experience, not only from them but possibly from the clients that have hired them.


Especially if you want to go for a Destination wedding in Tuscany, it is important to know what a videographer has done before their current standing. To know whether they have been following the same style of filming from the start and how their work has come over time or whether they are variating their art styles based on a client to client. This gives you an idea as to whether the person you have in mind will be able to deliver or bring your image to life.


Remember, wedding videos are storytelling. They show your story. Be sure you like the way their previous films tell those stories, and you will have your pick if you want an emotional wedding video in Tuscany.


Meeting Them in Person


Your videographer will be hot on your heels on your wedding day, so it is important that you feel comfortable with them. Whomever you have in mind, it is important to meet them in person before you make your final decision. To find the best videographer in Tuscany, you have to get to know and see what they are like in terms of style and personality.


Being filmed all day is an experience. How that experience turns out is based entirely how well you get along them. Whether you’re all on the same level and if they are asking you the right questions and match your sense of humor. Once you have gotten that out of the way, they will be able to understand all your little habits and make your film uniquely yours.




It may seem like a minor detail when it comes to equipment but keep in mind that your videographer will be among the crowd and usually around you to film. How they blend in the crowd; what cameras or equipment they use can be vital. Video cameras, for example, can be quite large in size; however, the similar quality can be achieved through high-end DSLR – setups. It also begs the question, since most cameras are high definition, are you looking for HD or the extra mile and go for 4K. Ask your selected videographer these questions, and it might make yours and their job easier.


Do you want to sound? Audio? What sort of setup do they have in place for professional sound quality if you prefer having audio in your final film? Do they have multiple rigs, professional sound mics installed to capture the audio of your guests? 


Lightening. Do they use a light set up or will they go with natural light? Consider that your wedding video will be in Tuscany, natural light is your go-to since it brings a blend of realism and color.


Choose someone who helps you completely fulfill your desires. 




Perhaps one of the most important details finalizing your decision. Make sure you have a contract between your videographer and yourself. It serves a purpose. Not only will it document all agreements, but it also keeps you safe as a client, a necessary precaution. 


Make sure it has transparent and concise terms and conditions laid out that you can adhere to. Your contract should include a list of things, such as, the amount of time that the videographer will be providing coverage for, how long he will remain at the event, so you know what is to be recorded or not.


It should also include the amount and details of the number of people are to be used in the crew, people that will help the film. You should also remember to include a list of all things that you expect to have at the end of your shooting in the final product like event highlights, albums or trailers and any storage files you plan on keeping. The contract should have details such as the time and location of the event to avoid any delays and mishaps.


A contract is legally binding and sets the correct expectations between the client and the videographer. 


Editing & Filming


Sit down with your videographer and talk about who and how the event will be filmed and who will edit and finalize the product. It is important to know whether it is the videographer themselves or whether they have a team of people that they will ask to do. It will help save time and cost for you since you will have an idea of when to expect your wedding video. 


Trust Your Choice.


When all is said and done, let your videographer take the reins. You have chosen them based on their experience and their skill and talent and not just for services they have to offer. Trust them to deliver the best wedding video in Tuscany, whether it’s a destination wedding in Tuscany or just an overall emotional wedding video shot in Tuscany. On your special day, you should not have to worry about whether they are doing everything right or feel the need to keep a constant watch on them. When you have done your research and vetted your choice, sit back, and place your faith in them to deliver! Know that you have chosen the best wedding videographer in Tuscany.