Arianna  / Reza

“Life is made by moments”. And this was an important one.

A beautiful day announces itself as if offering the protagonist of our story a gift. As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, days like these allow for my work to be perfect. The day is set with rushing waves hitting the shore in perfect harmony while offering a unique moment. A moment that only nature could create for this beautiful wedding video at Villa Parisi. A location that besides being stunning, has housed many beautiful events.

Today, Arianna and Reza begin their lives as one. Ready to embark on the journey of matrimony and it is all captured in their wedding video in Villa Parisi. The beautiful couple emanates love and it is more than clear to understand that this is a vibe that they give off every day not just for their wedding videographer in Italy to capture. Being in the presence of true love is what any wedding videographer in Tuscany wants to be a part of.

As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, it was clear from the moment I saw Arianna, our bride, that she was distinctively different from most brides. Her free will was strong and it was clear that this was a bride that was about to truly enjoy her wedding day in full. What stood out the most was her choice of stones for her jewelry. She wore a ring that had dark stones and it truly looked beautiful. Her nails were a pale nude pink, allowing the ring stone to be a spot of color. Her earrings and one of her bracelets had the same color stone on them and it made everything pop to perfection.

Arianna’s hair flew down naturally in very light curls. She wore a pearl hairpiece that held her hair on one side. Her makeup was natural with a little bit of smokey eyes that made her eyes seem even bigger. Her floral bouquet was a classic round shape made out of white and pale color roses. Simple, yet filled with elegance.

Reza, our groom, had white flowers in his chest pocket. The same as those of the bride’s bouquet. He also had a white handkerchief underneath the flowers on his chest in another pocket making the flowers stand out. He wore a classic black suit and a white shirt that suited him to perfection given his tall figure. He wore a unique tie that was a burgundy shade and it had very small white dots on it. The tie was not a regular tie, it was a wide style that was the preferred style of gentleman in a time when elegance was important. His hair was combed back and held in a small tail. And it was clear for this wedding videographer in Tuscany to see that he was filled with emotions for the day to come.

The bride was walked down the aisle by her father and she was greeted by a very emotional groom. A moment that a wedding videographer in Italy awaits to capture. The ceremony was held outside and the weather was in their favor. They were surrounded by friends and family and it was clear that all those that had attended were there because they truly wanted to be a part of this beautiful and joyous occasion. The maid of honor read beautiful words at the reception. Words that were full of truth and power giving us a glimpse into how the couple is seen by those that love them most. “Tonight we gather to celebrate a highly unconventional, extraordinary and gifted couple that demonstrated all of the powers of love”.

The night went on to become a full-on celebration. The music played while Arianna and Reza looked at each other with love. There was laughter and dancing. There were smiles and cheers. It was a moment in time that will forever be remembered through this beautiful wedding video at Villa Parisi. As a wedding videographer in Italy, I can say with certainty that their wedding was a beautiful event that everyone enjoyed.

Location: Villa Parisi

Photography: Vincenzo Errico