Christa  / Nathan

There is beauty within and there is beauty on the outside, but beauty nevertheless. And when days like this present themselves for a wedding videographer in Italy, it is his duty to capture and forever immortalize the moment. As moments are known to pass by fast.

Our day begins in one of the most beautiful places on this earth. A place that is so perfect that when one might find themselves there and they might think they have died and gone to heaven. A place where every wedding videographer in Italy wished to be. A place which books have been written about and movies made. A place where people come to breathe easy, relax and fall in love. And this place is Villa del Balbianello-Lenno, in Lake Como.

As a wedding videographer in Italy, it was a true pleasure and honor to be chosen as Christa and Nathan’s wedding videographer in Lake Como for their stunning celebration. A wedding that was perfectly planned by SposiamoVI.

Our wedding video in Lake Como began with beauty and emotions. Our bride and groom, each preparing for the most important day of their lives, were captured on their wedding video in Italy.
Our bride, Christa, wore a beautiful white dress that had embroideries applied all the way to her waistline and flowed simpler towards the bottom half. Her hair was up and her makeup was natural and flawless courtesy of Elena Panzeri – Laura Nannini Hair Stylist.

The bride’s accessories were as elegant as the location and they combined together in perfection. Her earrings were two pearls that hung loose. Her shoes were white with rhinestones on them giving a distinct fairy tale look. Her wedding bouquet, courtesy Figli Dei Fiori was made out of white roses and greenery that hung loose.

Our groom, Nathan, wore a classic black suit. His shirt was a crisp white and the buttons were the color black. He wore a black bow tie that made everything come together. His wedding band was gold and simple, exactly the way it is supposed to be. The piece de resistance was his cufflink set. A personal touch from his day to day life was brought into his wedding day. The cufflinks each had a gold player on them.

The day officially begins as the bride descends down the stairs for her beautiful wedding video in Lake Como. Her wedding dress train followed her gently as she moved down the stairs, with her wedding bouquet in her hands. Once outside the bride was taken by the arm by a proud father. The first man she has ever loved walked her down the aisle towards her soul mate. Smiles on their faces and emotions were more than palpable on this wedding video in Lake Como while Maria Soldano played music. The photos were captured by Elisabetta Lilly Redaelli. The celebrant of the ceremony at this beautiful wedding video in Lake Como was Beth from Italian Lakes Wedding Celebrant.

There are places on earth that are so beautiful that they easily rival what out expectations of the heavens would be. There is beauty in this world and there is no denying that. Christa and Nathan’s wedding is a true testament to the love they share for each other. Having me as their wedding videographer in Lake Como was just the cherry that made their wedding video in Italy a stunning celebration. It does not matter where you are, as long as you surrounded by love.

Planning: Weddings by SposiamoVi

LocationVilla del Balbianello- Lenno, Lake Como

PhotographyElisabetta Lilly Redaelli

CelebrantBeth at Italian Lakes Wedding Celebrant

Music: Maria Soldano

Flowers: Figli Dei Fiori

Makeup & AirElena Panzeri – Laura Nannini Hair Stylist

        Boat: Taxi boat Lido di Lenno