Jessica  / Crixly

“Not many people can truly say they married the love of their life, but I can.”

All love stories have a beautiful aura to them that makes each and every one of them shine in a unique way.  My job as a wedding videographer in Italy is to capture and immortalize these special moments. There are weddings when you are surrounded by true love, and that is when you realize how truly amazing and beautiful life is, and how special true love is. And today’s union is a same-sex wedding video in Italy that is a true testament to the love that Jessica and Crixly share.

Our day begins with an image that tells a message that is as true as they come, an hourglass with its sand slowly pouring as time passes, and our same-sex wedding video in Tuscany begins. The emotions on their faces are almost palpable as a clock is shows to create more built up to the big moments for our same-sex wedding video in Italy.

Tears are falling down Jessica’s cheek as she tried with great strength to hold back the emotions that are overflowing in her veins. She looks to the sky to get a moment of “respiro” to catcher her breath as she anticipates the beginning of her big day, and the rest of her life with her other half, Jessica.
Our two brides were filled with emotions, and this was captured in their same-sex wedding video in Tuscany as the two held hands and shared a moment.

Their story didn’t begin like most others. Their story is unique because it is theirs. They met when they were children, and to this day, they still laugh about what a horrible first date Jessica was. But that’s the thing with love, it doesn’t matter what was, it only matters what is. And today is a special same-sex wedding in Italy that will take your breath away. As a wedding videographer in Italy, I can assure you all that it was a true blessing to share in their special union.

It was a beautiful day. The wind danced around us all like a welcoming committee while the bridal bouquet was being made. It took 14 years for this story to reach this day, and that makes it a magical day for this same-sex wedding in Tuscany. Words of love were exchanged, and as a wedding videographer in Italy, I captured it all from the tears falling, to the smiles on the dance floor that went on all through the night.

As a wedding videographer in Italy, I get to share and partake in many special wedding moments, but every now and then, a special occasion arises, and you get to see two people, and today they just happen to have had a same-sex wedding in Italy. Still, never the less these are people that have been triumphant and have gone through tests and trials to be where they are today. These are what special moments are made of.

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Location: Il Grande Prato

Photography:Vincenzo Errico