Paola / Gianni

Paola and Gianni are every wedding couple’s dream. The lovebirds decided to tie the knot at a remote and rustic destination in the heart of Italy. And the beautiful couple chose Emanuele Mura Wedding films as their destination wedding videographer to capture their breathtaking journey. Join us as we enter a journey of a lifetime, all set in the captivating rolling hills of Ottana, Sardinia.

June 17th, 2017 is the day Paola and Gianni had been waiting for since forever. And this day had arrived in all its glory. It wouldn’t be incorrect to term their wedding a magical fairytale and today, two hearts were to be united forever until eternity. It was a true pleasure meeting the soon-to-be-married couple.

They were beautiful individuals who were madly in love and knew exactly what they wanted me to capture for their big day. I was more than ever determined to be a part of their love story, giving them a video they could cherish for years from today.

The wedding was truly the way the couple envisioned it to be. It was nothing less than an intimate affair, just the way the couple desired. The destination wedding comprised of a private wedding ceremony with a fabulous reception that was soon to follow.

Ottana, Sardinia, Italy is famous for its breathtaking countryside villas that exhibit a rustic charm like no other. The couple’s setting was romantic with stone buildings, luscious greenery and beautiful smiles everywhere. This was accompanied by a fascinating floral display of flowers chosen by both Paola and Gianni.

As the couple got ready for the biggest day of their lives, expressions of nervousness and excitement were evident on their faces. Paola looked like a stunning vision in her white lace and front slit open gown, adorned with a veil and beautiful accessories to go with it. Gianni looked like a true gentleman in his blue and grey tuxedo. It was now time to meet one another.

As the couple laid eyes on each other, it was like fireworks igniting. They could hardly control their emotions as they held each other’s hands. Every pose, every smile, every kiss, every touch was ever so natural. It seemed as if they had been practicing for years. This truly made my job as destination wedding videographer easier as I was delighted to capture them in their greatest glory.

After the couple exchanged vows, they looked at one another with sheer delight. True romance was in the air and they soon made their way past cheerful family and friends. At the reception, every toast and speech made by loved ones was full of so much emotion.

The couple was honored to host a reception where they could enjoy good food, great wine and flawless entertainment with their guests. Hand in hand, the couple depicted an aura that was truly magical. It was something that was rare to be seen in real life and that’s what made covering their videography so special for me.

With true sentimental value attached and an exclusive blend of art and video professionalism, the end result is truly heartwarming. Working with Paola and Gianni was an absolute pleasure indeed. And I’m honored to have been a part of their life and love story forever. Thank you, Paola and Gianni for a memorable experience and for choosing Emanuele Mura Wedding films as your destination wedding videographer in Sardinia, Italy.