Luca / Fabiola

Luca&Fabiola decided to say “Yes!” without any doubt in a magnificent place sited in Tuscany Italy – Passignano sul Trasimeno. The  romantic heart of Italian origins made them choose this wonderful lake to celebrate their wedding, in an original location called “LA VILLA”. Surrounded by nature, it is one of most favourite luxury locations for getting married in Tuscany: the place is absolutely stunning one, sited near the beautiful Passignano sul Trasimeno lake.

The romantic couple asked Emanuele Mura Wedding Films to shoot photos and videos for their Italian style Wedding in Tuscany. The location was fantastic: whenever we looked, it was a perfect photo and video scene. The bride and groom were beautiful and sweet, and i liked the mixture of nature, flowers and style around them.

To realize the movie of their life in a cheerful and original way, I asked them a lot about themselves  and  their love. They were always friendly, gentle and really sparkle in front of my cameras. I was always beside them during my days shooting, but they didn’t notice me: in addition to the professionalism, as having an artist’s heart, i always assured myself to left them all the space they need to reflect their intimacy in small or big gestures, capturing each moment. So, Luca and Fabiola  with all their guests, just  made lighting up all the location and lake.  They had so much fun and they were so happy: i felt it through my photography and videography shooting, I felt it through my heart.

It was a very beautiful experience to make your wedding  dreams came true, dear bride and groom. I delivered to you all I promised and more, and I know you liked it a lot. Thank you  to have entrusted your memories in my good hands.


Our wedding day is without a doubt one of the most amazing days of our lives. After all, we’re now about to spend our lives with our significant half or our soul mate. Since it is such an important day in our life we try to make it special and something that can be remembered by everyone especially the bride and groom. Destination wedding in Italy, not only sounds great but it gives you the chance to experience a ravishing country and experience your special day in the best way possible. Here are some reasons why destination wedding in Italy the perfect place is to tie the knot:

Serene and Picturesque Environment:

There are plenty of places in Italy which offer a serene and picturesque environment that make it a wonderful wedding destination. You have different choices when it comes to making a setting. You can include Italian wedding traditions, a picturesque environment and amazing landscapes. There are three destinations that should be considered. Tuscany is the most popular wedding destination for obvious reasons as it has a rich tradition of weddings being held at this area of Italy’s countryside. With beautiful rolling hills and lush green fields, Tuscany is a wonderful wedding destination.

Puglia is another wedding destination in Italy which is famous for its traditions, culture and castles. It does provide an aura that is distinct to Italy. If we go along the coastline of Italy then Amalfi coastline is perhaps the most famous one when it comes weddings. If you want a wedding destination with an amazing Seaview then this is definitely the place for you.

Friends & Family:

Weddings are an occasion where friends and family are important. At moments that make us happy being close to our family makes us realize how valuable these moments really are and we try to capture them with us forever. If one chooses his or her wedding destination Italy then it surely does create an everlasting memory for all the people involved as they will remember it for forever. It also gives us a chance to bond with each other in an amazing way. Just imagine having a wedding film Italy as it will remain with you forever!

Capture all the moments through Film:

Videos are a great way to keep a memory alive. Wedding film Italy certainly will be one of your cherished moments in your life as once you have that on film you will capture the moments forever.

A Confession of Love:

Our marriage with our significant being is defined by the fact that how we get married and which location we select. Getting married in the local church is obviously an option but one cannot forget the fact that getting married is once in a lifetime occasion and we should always try to make it a confession of love. Wedding destination Italy is the perfect one to confess your love to your significant one.

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