Antonella / Francesco

It was the morning of September the 16th when Antonella’s and Francesco’s wedding day began. Our day is set in beautiful Orgosolo, a Sardinian hill town. A city that is surrounded by myth and magic when it comes to the live and colorful street art that welcomes you with open arms and leaves you wanting to see just a little bit more with every corner you turn. The town has the layout of a fairy tale story, and that is just how our day began.

The coffee pots were set on the stove as they brewed and gave off the scent of fresh coffee that surrounded the air in the kitchen. The rain was beginning to lightly drizzle making its presence known. The walls were covered with photos that showed generations and memories the family had. As a wedding videographer in Sardinia, it was music to my ears to see such beauty.

Our bride, Antonella, was getting ready for the big day. The last touches were being made and her make-up was being completed. Choosing natural tones to perfect her look she radiated with a distinct beauty that was represented by the discrete and elegant choices she made. The light neutral colors made her eyes stand out and somehow her emotions were transparent behind them.

Her hair was styled in a classic up-do that hung to the side of her neck. Her Vail was simple yet elegant and it covered the up-to yet still leaving it visible in all its beauty. Being able to capture all the beauty and emotions is one of the best parts of being a wedding videographer in Sardinia.

The groom, Francesco, was in another room getting ready as well. A tall handsome man, who was arranging his tie. He wore a dark suit, a choice that is timeless, and a white crisp shirt. The details of his elegance match those of his future bride. His tie was a light silver with very discrete diagonal lines that was in perfect balance to the bride’s dress. Even seeing them separately it was clear they were a match made in heaven.

Once the ceremony ended they were awaited by their guest outside the church and were showered with confetti and rice to make sure that they would prosper as couple, as tradition dictates. The bride wore a beautiful dress that was simple in the front and sophisticated in the back. Embroidered with lace and stones the material intertwined in an “x” style giving the bride’s silhouette a discrete hug.

Destination Wedding in Sardinia

In my experience as a Wedding Videographer, I am completely convinced that the chosen of Sardinia as destination wedding in Italy  is very important to achieve an excellent result. The Italy Wedding Films, in general, are undoubtedly magical and romantic, but today I want to tell you a little about the Sardinia Wedding Destination.

Sardinia is a great island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, here you can enjoy the white sand, with the ideal places for boating, windsurfing, hiking, climbing, and camping, but for lovers of landscapes and beautiful views, such as I, is ideal for Wedding Video Sardinia.

Do you dream of a different wedding? Well, I recommend Sardinia!

Sardinia wedding destination gives you many options to make this day a real dream, and of course you can save a beautiful Wedding Video Sardinia.

One of the most sought after locations is on the beach, you will not have any problem when planning your wedding at the seashore, and for a Wedding Videographer from Tuscany a wedding here is a delight.

Selargina wedding is a very peculiar tradition that is still preserved in Sardinia, if you and your partner are from the group of daring and innovative, I recommend you investigate, surely you will have a lot of fun with all your loved ones, and your Wedding Films Italy will be unique.

If you choose a destination wedding in Sardinia, you will not worry about hotels for your event either, in Sardinia, there are beautiful hotels for this important celebration.

Well, I hope you serve this short tour of this extraordinary and magical place, I hope you can enjoy this special day and leave a mark of unforgettable memories for your future to have the best Wedding Videographer.

The couple shared a kiss that showed the love they have for each other in a discrete way. The rain did not stop the celebration, it was if it was invited. The celebration continued and the couple rejoiced in their party surrounded by their loved ones. As a wedding videographer in Sardinia, I can say this was a beautiful wedding and it was a pleasure to be apart of the couples big day.