Juliet  / James

A little girl running with the joy and happiness that only children can feel towards the people they love most in this world while giggling. Running towards her parents, our little Anouk is filled with joy and surrounded by love as her parents smile at her on their wedding elopement in Val D’orcia awaiting her final prance into their loving arms. A dream scenario for a wedding video in Tuscany.

Having everything in life is rare. Finding love and growing that love seems to be one of the hardest things to obtain for this generation. And this is why when one finds himself face to face with a family that has it all, it can’t help but melt your heart.

A beautiful day. The sun is up and shines brightly from above upon this day as a welcoming committee greeting the guests that will be apart of this joyous occasion for our elopement in Tuscany. With strong emotions in the air, our elopement in Val D’orcia begins in this beautiful setting that only Tuscany can bring. And Juliets and James’s day begins a story that has been in the making for years. The hills run for as long as the eyes can see. The Tuscan landscape never seems to fail to bring a smile to everyone that steps on this dreamland that makes this wedding video elopement simply divine.

The sound of a violin being played in the background discreetly makes the atmosphere even richer. The celebrant at this beautiful elopement in Tuscany is Jo Bertolino from Tuscany Pledges. He managed to bring a little extra charm to the day making it a complete dream come true for our elopement in Tuscany. Every moment is captured for the big elopement in Val D’orcia by Monica Leggio, the professional photographer as the day has officially begun.

Our bride, Juliet, wore a beautiful dress that will echo throughout generations to come. A dress so elegant that even little Anouk might want to walk down the aisle in one day. The dress was long and made out of the most beautiful white lace under a light cream lining one has ever seen. The gown had a deep square decolté in the front as well as in the back. The sleeves were the “piece de resistance”. They were short puff sleeves that were taken straight from the 1940s and brought into the 20th century. The bride wore large gold earrings and carried white flowers. Her makeup was natural and her hair was an elegant up-do. Anouk’s dress was a vivid duplicate of the brides and it worked like magic for our wedding video elopement.

Our groom, James, wore one of the best things a groom could wear and that was a big smile. He chose a light off white gray suit with a crisp white shirt. A distinct look for a gentleman about to begin one of the most important days of his life. The tie James wore was an eccentric pick that made his look come together, something different for a groom. It was a classic tie with large diagonal stripes that were gray and white. He had a signature white flower on his chest to match his bride’s bouquet. James had his hair combed back bringing a little classic 1940’s, he matched his bride to perfection.

They say that family is a man’s true treasure. In an ever-changing world where we experience change throughout our lives, one thing remains constant, remains the same and never changes, family love. And that is what Juliet and James elopement in Tuscany reminded us all of today.

Being in the presence of true love and in front of a beautiful family with an even more beautiful child, only makes us all become more hopeful towards the future and it shows that dreams do come true. May their lives be rich with love and blessed with sunny happy days.

Location: La Lupaia

Photography: Monica Leggio

Celebrant: Jo Bertolino Tuscanpledges