Sara / Lorenzo

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where…” In this way begins Sara&Lorenzo’s love: two halves of an Italian Heart who have chosen to make their promises of forever  among the olive trees and the vineyards of the beautiful location Fattoria Pagnana.  Framed by a breathtaking panorama, this place sited in the heart of Tuscany Italy marveled everyone who was present for  their Wedding Day.

For their Special Day, Sara and Lorenzo wanted a full professional wedding videography and photography package to watch that will never tired them, so they have chosen the assurance: Emanuele Mura Wedding Films. Multi cameras, Wedding Trailer,  Raw Footage, Full Feature Video, High-definition video and photos  in multi-locations with professional equipment  were just some details I worked with.

They told me their adventure and it was very easy to communicate with them during all days shooting. The ceremony and the party were original and dynamic, the bride and groom were so romantic and lovely. I felt every vibration of their bodies and spirits and I was just bringing a fresh approach to their wedding videos and photos. Sara and Lorenzo are very sunny and I broadcasted every emotion of every moments into their wedding movie and photos. The bride and groom were protagonists of their Wedding Day, so it was really beautiful to witness to such a strong union.

Thank you for your kind collaboration, dear Sara and Lorenzo. I hope to see you soon, working together for another occasional photo-video package that you will never get tired to watch!

Make Your Wedding More Memorable

A wedding in Florence is a dream for any couple. It is a place which has more romance in it than anywhere in the world. Florence offers a lot of beautiful indoor and outdoor locations for your wedding. Till 2012 your legal ceremony had to be conducted in the city hall which in itself is full of history. The weddings were conducted in the Red Room which is tastefully decorated with every furniture and fixture in red color.

But, today you have more options to conduct your legal ceremony outside the Red Room but inside the city hall. The historical sites include the museum section where you can get married in the presence of masterpieces by Michelangelo and Vasari. This will make you weddings in Florence Italy something that everybody dreams about.

Other Civil Marriage Locations

There are other locations outside the city hall where you can have your civil weddings. The Rose Garden below Piazzale Michelangelo offers you a beautiful view of the city of Florence while the fresh fragrance of roses pleasantly mixes with the soft breeze.

The other location that the city hall permits you for your civil wedding in Florence is the Villa Vogel, a majestic villa in the middle of a large park in the residential area of Florence. You can also marry in the Bardini Museum among the various artistic creations belonging to the Middle Ages. Whichever location you choose your weddings in Florence Italy will be not just memorable for the couple but for the guests too.

Plan Your Budge

All the locations will cost you to conduct weddings in. The locations inside the city hall complex will cost you the most. This will depend on what time of the year you are getting married in. It will also differ if one of the couple is a resident of Florence. To know the exact details, you can contact the city hall and get the rates.

There are also other locations in and around Florence. The hills surrounding the city offer you various beautiful places worthy of a hundred pictures. If you want Catholic weddings in Florence Italy there are churches and cathedrals which are architectural marvels. The Protestants or the Jews don’t have to worry. There are enough places for them too in historical Florence.

There are also many hotels and villas where your guests can be accommodated. Directly arranging your weddings in Florence Italy may not be very easy. Language is a big barrier with not many people in the city hall speaking English. The ideal thing would be to get in touch with a wedding planner.