Nicola  / Joseph

There is something particularly special when it comes to a bride and groom that have strong emotions on their wedding day. A wedding is a beautiful moment and having strong feelings of joy is more than normal. Having a destination wedding with those you love most surrounding you is what most brides and grooms dream about. Being able to share this day, this beautiful day, with all the people that matter most to you is what makes life worth every moment.

A beautiful sunny day is set for our destination wedding in Tuscany. There are chairs decorated in tiul ruffles with white seating on the chairs set outside awaiting the beginning of the ceremony. The tree surrounding the spot is decorated to match the chairs with tiul ruffles as well. The emotions are palpable and the day begins in the countryside of Tuscany in a beautiful location made of stone, the charming Villa Cini.

Our beautiful couple, Nicola and Joseph smile towards each other with such love that is hard, even for a videographer in Tuscany to describe into words. Hand in hand they walk and play with their little boy, Bruce. Three smiles surround the meadow. Dressed to perfection, these three are what families are made of. A dream wedding video in Tuscany is made with love, and love was more than present on this beautiful day.

The bride wore a stunning dress that was fit for a queen. It was off-white and it had embroideries on it made of lace and it hung with a divine elegance. The lace dress hugged her silhouette all around and hung on the back was a beautiful train that went off to the ground and even beyond. The back of the dresses revealed the brides back while the dress dropped off the shoulders leaving her bare back visible with what seemed to be a pearl necklace that hung down her back.

Nicole wore an elegant pair of earrings that resembled the crystals from a baroque chandelier. Her hair was natural and it hung loose giving her a distinct beauty that went perfectly with her pure joy. She wore a pearl hairpiece that tied everything together. Her makeup was natural and flawless. The bridal bouquet was created with pure beauty courtesy of Piante e Fiori Mery. She held white and pale flowers in her hands and it looked simply beautiful during her destination wedding in Tuscany.

The groom, Joseph was as classic as they come. He carried himself in the moment, living each second to the fullest. His emotions were pure and visible making his love true and heartfelt. He wore a black suit and a white shirt to equal her wedding day attire. The centerpiece of our groom’s attire was his pink tie that was in perfect harmony with the bride’s ribbon that she wore around her waist.

“I felt the universe hugged me tonight” is part of what our brides vows read. It was a line from her journal that she had written after their first date.

Beautiful vows were exchanged during the ceremony while the guest held hands in need of an emotional reassurance to not shed a tear. Sometimes all we need is another heart next to our to make sure that we have everything under control. Nothing in life can be done without others next to us. Life is made out of love, and love was more than present here today.

The bride changed into another stunning gown ready to begin the celebratory part of the evening. The tables were decorated to perfection and the sound of love was all around. The best man and the maid of honor gave their speeches under the twinkle lights that held this beautiful destination wedding in Tuscany. Once the celebration began it was clear to everyone that there was not one soul that did not want to take in and share the love Nicole and Joseph have for each other and for their son Bruce. They smiled and danced the night away and as a wedding videographer in Tuscany, I was truly happy. Being in the presence of true love is something that brings all weddings together, especially destination weddings in Tuscany.

Location: Villa Cini

Photography: Fabio Mirulla

FlowersPiante e Fiori Mery