A wedding video can undoubtedly be a wonderful way to recall your wedding day and ceremonies. You can either have a distorted, badly shot piece of footage or a keepsake capturing all the best moments of your wedding that you can take pride in throughout your life. Hiring a professional wedding videographer Florence, Italy can make all the difference to the quality and aesthetics of your videos. Here are some top questions to ask to him about equipments.

How many cameras would be used?

It would undoubtedly make a major difference in the kind of film that you would be having. If a videographer relies on only one camera to record the events, the number of footage for the wedding video would be limited. However, if there are multiple cameras, he can capture more ceremonies and events of the day. There would be additional details and many more moments of family members and friends that would be missed otherwise.

How many camera people would there be?

You should also ask about the number of camera-wielding staff who would be there. Two or three people would usually be enough to cover all the important aspects of your wedding without appearing to be obtrusive. It can be very stressful for one person to wield a camera and be everywhere. 2 – 3 staff can communicate in between themselves, possibly through wireless systems, and be able to capture all the vital moments of your wedding day.

How many microphones would you use?

The quality of the audio is of vital importance, for people to enjoy your videos. The quality of your videos would get ruined in case the voices sound distorted or muffled. The best wedding videographer Florence in Italy places microphones within a few inches of the source the sound, even if it means 6 or more microphones have to be set up in place. You have to ask the videographer the exact number of microphones that he would be using.

How many assistants would be there?

Other than cameramen, the videographer is likely to have quite a few assistants as well to provide him with assistance in capturing the wedding videos. They can work together on using multiple cameras, placing the cameras, setting up lights, setting a scene, etc. You would like to know whether the presence of so many assistants would be obtrusive when it comes to holding your wedding events and ceremonies. The cost of transportation would be more if there are more assistants and you are holding a destination wedding in Italy. Know whether you have to pay the transportation cost, or it will be included in the fees.