Emma / Jag

There comes a moment in life where you can feel the wind shift and you know that today is going to be a good day. As a wedding videographer on the Amalfi Coast, I knew today was going to be one of those days. Having our day begin in a fairy tale like surrounding of perfect ceramic artifacts and beautiful lemons dressing the canvas for the beginning of our destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

An infinity pool that stretched out straight into the coast, a scenic view of the ceremonial spot where the wedding will take place and all the chairs dressed in pure white is what our wedding video on the Amalfi Cost looked like. The location is pure perfection. The Relais Blu Massa Lubrenze is a beautiful location that has a touch of paradise and offers amazing views that help refuel the soul. The perfect place to begin “the rest of your lives together”.

Our day begins with words of love. A father walking his daughter down the aisle while a violin plays in the background. Everyone standing awaiting the descend and the arrival of the bride. The groom taken by emotions sits still as if forgetting to breathe once he catches sight of his future bride. A beautiful moment for a beautiful destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Our beautiful bride, Emma wore a stunning dress that seemed to have been specially designed and created for her as it suited her immensely. The dress was white and stunning. It was a long dress that was made out of lace that seemed to hug the bride’s silhouette to perfection. The halter neckline gave it an elegant discreet look in the front of the dress. While the back was transparent lace that seemed to give Emma the allure of wings of an angel. Small white buttons began on the bride’s waistline and they completed the dress perfectly. 

Emma’s hair was elegant and sweet. It was an up-do that had a hairpiece that was simple and perfect, a pearl hairpiece that made everything come together. Her veil was simple and completed the lace complex dress in perfect balance. Her skin radiated and her makeup was flawless. Factoring in her happiness, our bride was the star if the day. The perfect canvas any wedding videographer on the Amalfi Coast would wish for.

The groom was elegant and he proved it from the first to the last detail he clearly meticulously choose to wear on his destination wedding in Amalfi. He wore a gray suit. Nothing says distinct like a gay suit, and that is exactly what Jag is. His suit was complete with a matching vest and a white shirt. The tie was a stunning piece make out of silk, in the same gray color as the suit with a discreet design on it. The shoes were dress tuxedo shoes that shinned to perfection giving the groom that extra dazzle all grooms should have. The groom wore a white rose in his suit pocket just as the ones Emma had on her wedding bouquet.

The wedding was brought to an emotional point when the brother of the groom delivered his speech. Capturing words of love is what I truly love as a wedding videographer on the Amalfi Coast. The night went on with a party where the bride and groom shared a kiss and many dances.

Location: Relais Blu

Photography: David Gravel