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DESTINATION WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER: WHAT IS HE AND WHAT HE CAN DO! If you are thinking of getting married in Italy and you are worried about how to capture each moment of your wedding, then wedding photography and videography by Emanuele Mura is the best option in the world. They [...]

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YOUR WEDDING LIKE A MOVIE: FAIRYTALE WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY FAIRYTALE WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY Do you have your big day coming up? And do you want to capture the precious moments of this big day and keep them with you forever? I suppose the answer to both these questions is yes, and [...]

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Wedding Videography in Italy: What is it?!

Why wedding videography is important in Italy What are the Top Advantages of Choosing a Wedding Videographer? Lots of couples tend to make the common mistake of not being very careful while choosing a photographer. They may have a family member or friend who is [...]

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Best Destination Wedding in Italy – Intimate Brazilian Wedding Tuscany

CAPTURE YOUR DREAM DESTINATION WEDDING MOMENTS RIGHT! Wedding on cards? Dreaming of destination wedding Italy? Searching for the best videographer Italy? Wedding- Time To Celebrate! Wedding is indeed a time for celebration. It is your big day and you will have all your near and dear ones to share the [...]

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