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Tips for the best Videographer in The World

TIPS FOR CHOOSE THE BEST WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER IN THE WORLD Getting married requires a lot of preparation for uncountable things. The wedding day may arrive, but for sure the tasks does not end until the last moment. When you are getting married in Tuscany, then you have to find the best videographer in the [...]

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Destination Wedding in Italy

HOW TO DO A DESTINATION WEDDING IN ITALY (GUIDE) When it comes to planning your wedding, you would prefer jaw-dropping and most elegant location. And, what could be more perfect than planning it in Italy? Even celebs approved it! Like Amal Clooney and George, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. [...]


YOUR WEDDING LIKE A MOVIE: FAIRYTALE WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY FAIRYTALE WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY Do you have your big day coming up? And do you want to capture the precious moments of this big day and keep them with you forever? I suppose the answer to both these questions is yes, and [...]

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Best wedding Venues and places in Florence: let's see it together! There is a land in Italy that is so beautiful that people come from all over the world to see it, to experience it, to fall in love with it. Some come from far away, and others from [...]

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Wedding Videography in Italy: What is it?!

Why wedding videography is important in Italy What are the Top Advantages of Choosing a Wedding Videographer? Lots of couples tend to make the common mistake of not being very careful while choosing a photographer. They may have a family member or friend who is [...]

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